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Solitary wave solution to Aw-Rascle viscous model of traffic flowWu, CX; Zhang, P; Wong, SC; Qiao, DL; Dai, SQ201343
A number of Riemann solvers for a conserved higher-order traffic flow modelZhang, P; Qiao, DL; Dong, LY; Dai, SQ; Wong, SC201198
A note on the weighted essentially non-oscillatory numerical scheme for a multi-class Lighthill-Whitham-Richards traffic flow modelZhang, P; Wong, SC; Dai, SQ2009194
A conserved higher-order anisotropic traffic flow model: Description of equilibrium and non-equilibrium flowsZhang, P; Wong, SC; Dai, SQ200988
High expression of PSM-E correlated with tumor grade in prostate cancer: A new alternatively spliced variant of prostate-specific membrane antigenCao, KY; Mao, XP; Wang, DH; Xu, L; Yuan, GQ; Dai, SQ; Zheng, BJ; Qiu, SP2007157
Admissibility of a wide cluster solution in "anisotropic" higher-order traffic flow modelsXu, RY; Zhang, P; Dai, SQ; Wong, SC2007117
Hyperbolicity and kinematic waves of a class of multi-population partial differential equationsZhang, P; Liu, RX; Wong, SC; Dai, SQ2006310
Characteristic parameters of a wide cluster in a higher-order traffic flow modelZhang, P; Wong, SC; Dai, SQ2006105
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