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RFID-enabled Real-time Manufacturing Execution System for Mass-customization ProductionZhong, R; Dai, QY; Qu, T; Hu, GJ; Huang, GQ201333
Mining standard operation times for real-time advanced production planning and scheduling from RFID-enabled shopfloor dataZhong, R; Huang, GQ; Dai, QY201320
Estimation of lead time in the RFID-enabled real-time shopfloor production with a data mining modelZhong, RY; Huang, GQ; Dai, QY; Zhang, T201339
Mining SOTs and Dispatching Rules from RFID-enabled Real-time Shopfloor Production DataZhong, R; Huang, GQ; Dai, QY; Zhang, T201229
A radio frequency identification-enabled real-time manufacturing execution system for one-of-a-kind production manufacturing: A case study in mould industryWang, ML; Qu, T; Zhong, RY; Dai, QY; Zhang, XW; He, JB2012117
RFID-enabled real-time mechanical workshop training centerWang, ML; Dai, QY; Zhong, RY; Huang, GQ201232
Special issue on 'RFID-enabled manufacturing: Insights and lessons from industrial cases'Huang, GQ; Saygin, C; Dai, QY201287
RFID-enabled real-time manufacturing execution system: A case study in an automotive part manufacturerDai, QY; Zhong, R; Huang, GQ; Qu, T; Zhang, Y; Luo, H201227
RFID-enabled real-time manufacturing execution system for discrete manufacturing: Software design and implementationZhong, RY; Huang, GQ; Dai, QY; Zhou, K; Qu, T; Hu, GJ2011387
A generic analytical target cascading optimization system for decentralized supply chain configuration over supply chain gridQu, T; Huang, GQ; Zhang, Y; Dai, QY2010257
Critical event processing and its regulatory applicationFang, M; Huang, GQ; Zhang, YF; Qu, T; Dai, QY2010418
Agent-based workflow management for RFID-enabled real-time reconfigurable manufacturingHuang, GQ; Zhang, Y; Ho, KW; Dai, QY; Xu, J2008210
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