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Streptococcus hongkongensis sp. nov., isolated from a patient with an infected puncture wound and from a marine flatfish.Lau, SKP; Curreem, SOT; Lin, CCN; Fung, AMY; Yuen, KY; Woo, PCY201350
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis in bacterial proteomicsCurreem, SOT; Watt, RM; Lau, SKP; Woo, PCY2012129
First report of peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis caused by Citrobacter amalonaticusWong, MY; Lau, SKP; Tang, SCW; Curreem, SOT; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY201274
First report of spontaneous intrapartum Atopobium vaginae bacteremiaChan, JFW; Lau, SKP; Curreem, SOT; To, KKW; Leung, SSM; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY; Woo, PCY2012121
Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry for rapid identification of Burkholderia pseudomallei: importance of expanding databases with pathogens endemic to different localitiesLau, SKP; Tang, BSF; Curreem, SOT; Chan, TM; Martelli, P; Tse, CWS; Wu, AKL; Yuen, KY; Woo, PCY201270
Molecular characterization of a catalase-negative Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus strain collected from a patient with mitral valve endocarditis and pericarditis revealed a novel nonsense mutation in the katA geneTo, KKW; Cheng, VCC; Chan, JFW; Wong, ACY; Chau, S; Tsang, FHF; Curreem, SOT; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY; Woo, PCY2011272
First report of disseminated Mycobacterium skin infections in two liver transplant recipients and rapid diagnosis by hsp65 gene sequencingLau, SKP; Curreem, SOT; Ngan, AHY; Yeung, CK; Yuen, KY; Woo, PCY2011105
Environmental adaptability and stress tolerance of Laribacter hongkongensis: A genome-wide analysisLau, SKP; Fan, RYY; Ho, TCC; Wong, GKM; Tsang, AKL; Teng, JLL; Chen, W; Watt, RM; Curreem, SOT; Tse, H; Yuen, KY; Woo, PCY2011118
The complete genome and proteome of laribacter hongkongensis reveal potential mechanisms for adaptations to different temperatures and habitatsWoo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Tse, H; Teng, JLL; Curreem, SOT; Tsang, AKL; Fan, RYY; Wong, GKM; Huang, Y; Loman, NJ; Snyder, LAS; Cai, JJ; Huang, JD; Mak, W; Pallen, MJ; Lok, S; Yuen, KY2009207
Surgical site abscess caused by Lactobacillus fermentum identified by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencingWoo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Lin, AWC; Curreem, SOT; Fung, AMY; Yuen, KY2007231
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