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Genomic structure of the adult-onset type II citrullinemia gene, SLC25A13, and cloning and expression of its mouse homologueSinasac, DS; Crackower, MA; Lee, JR; Kobayashi, K; Saheki, T; Scherer, SW; Tsui, LC1999287
Assignment of the SLC25A12 gene coding for the human calcium-binding mitochondrial solute carrier protein aralar to human chromosome 2q24Crackower, MA; Sinasac, DS; Lee, JR; Herbrick, JA; Tsui, LC; Scherer, SW1999121
The gene mutated in adult-onset type II citrullinaemia encodes a putative mitochondrial carrier proteinKobayashi, K; Sinasac, DS; Iijima, M; Boright, AP; Begum, L; Lee, JR; Yasuda, T; Ikeda, S; Hirano, R; Terazono, H; Crackower, MA; Kondo, I; Tsui, LC; Scherer, SW; Saheki, T1999297
Cloning and characterization of two cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain genes in mouse and humanCrackower, MA; Snasac, DS; Xia, J; Motoyama, J; Prochazka, M; Rommens, JM; Sbherer, SW; Tsui, LC1999227
Overlapping and non-overlapping Ptch2 expression with Shh during mouse embryogenesisMotoyama, J; Heng, H; Crackower, MA; Takabatake, T; Takeshima, K; Tsui, LC; Hui, CC1998223
Defect in the maintenance of the apical ectodermal ridge in the Dactylaplasia mouseCrackower, MA; Motoyama, J; Tsui, LC1998255
Assignment of mouse fibroblast growth factor 10 (Fgf10) gene to the telomeric region of chromosome 13Crackower, MA; Heng, HHQ; Tsui, LC199897
Fluorescent in situ mapping of the murine deleted in split hand/split foot 1 (dss1) gene to Chromosome 6Crackower, MA; Heng, HHQ; Shi, X; Scherer, SW; Tsui, LC199779
Cloning of a DSS1 pseudogene (DSS1P1) and mapping to human Chromosome band 5q14Crackower, MA; Scherer, SW; Heng, HHQ; Tsui, LC199799
Specific and redundant functions of Gli2 and Gli3 zinc finger genes in skeletal patterning and developmentMo, R; Freer, AM; Zinyk, DL; Crackower, MA; Michaud, J; Heng, HHQ; Chik, KW; Shi, XM; Tsui, LC; Cheng, SH; Joyner, AL; Hui, CC1997155
Characterization of the split hand/split foot malformation locus SHFM1 at 7q21.3-q22.1 and analysis of a candidate gene for its expression during limb developmentCrackower, MA; Scherer, SW; Rommens, JM; Hui, CC; Poorkaj, P; Soder, S; Cobben, JM; Hudgins, L; Evans, JP; Tsui, LC1996636
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