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Effects of Methylphenidate for ADHD on Trauma Related Accident and Emergency Admissions
Pediatrics (in-press)
Man, E; Chan, E; Coghill, D; Douglas, I; Ip, P; Fan, S; Yip, SFP201413
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Pharmacological Treatment and its Effect on Accident and Emergency Admission due to injury: a self-controlled case series study.
3rd EUNETHYDIS, Istanbul, Turkey, 21-24 May ISOP, Florence, Italy, October
Man, KCK; Chan, EW; Douglas, I; Ip, P; Wong, WHS; Coghill, D; Wong, ICK201415
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Pharmacological Treatment and Its Effect on Accident and Emergency Admission Due to Injury: A Self-Controlled Case-Series Study
30th International Conference for Pharmacoepidemiology (ICPE)
Man, KCK; Chan, EW; Douglas, I; Ip, P; Wong, WHS; Coghill, D; Wong, ICK20142
Nonpharmacological interventions for ADHD: systematic review and meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials of dietary and psychological treatments
American Journal of Psychiatry
Sonuga-Barke, EJ; Brandeis, D; Cortese, S; Daley, D; Ferrin, M; Holtmann, M; Stevenson, J; Danckaerts, M; van der Oord, S; Dopfner, M; Dittmann, RW; Simonoff, E; Zuddas, A; Banaschewski, T; Buitelaar, J; Coghill, D; Hollis, C; Konofal, E; Lecendreux, M; Wong, ICK; Sergeant, J; European ADHD Guidelines, G201368
An inventory of European data sources for the long-term safety evaluation of methylphenidate
European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Murray, ML; Insuk, S; Banaschewski, T; Neubert, AC; McCarthy, S; Buitelaar, JK; Coghill, D; Dittmann, RW; Konrad, K; Panei, P; Rosenthal, E; Sonuga-Barke, EJ; Wong, ICK201363
The PERS Consortium. Paediatric European Risperidone Studies (PERS): context, rationale, objectives, strategy, and challenges.[Epub ahead of print]
Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry
Glennon, J; Purper-Ouakil, D; Bakker, M; Zuddas, A; Hoekstra, P; Schulze, U; Castro-Fornieles, J; Santosh, PJ; Arango, C; Kölch, M; Coghill, D; Flamarique, I; Penzol, MJ; Wan, M; Murray, M; Wong, ICK; Danckaerts, M; Bonnot, O; Falissard, B; Masi, G; Fegert, JM; Vicari, S; Carucci, S; Dittmann, RW; Buitelaar, JK; The PERS, CONSORTIUM20131
European guidelines on managing adverse effects of medication for ADHD
European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr Dietrich Steinkopff Verlag. The Journal's web site is located at
Graham, J; Banaschewski, T; Buitelaar, J; Coghill, D; Danckaerts, M; Dittmann, RW; Döpfner, M; Hamilton, R; Hollis, C; Holtmann, M; HulpkeWette, M; Lecendreux, M; Rosenthal, E; Rothenberger, A; Santosh, P; Sergeant, J; Simonoff, E; SonugaBarke, E; Wong, ICK; Zuddas, A; Steinhausen, HC; Taylor, E2011165
Cessation of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drugs in the young (CADDY) - A pharmacoepidemiological and qualitative study
Health Technology Assessment
Wong, ICK; Asherson, P; Bilbow, A; Clifford, S; Coghill, D; Desoysa, R; Hollis, C; Mccarthy, S; Murray, M; Planner, C; Potts, L; Sayal, K; Taylor, E2009229
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: Treatment discontinuation in adolescents and young adults
British Journal of Psychiatry
Royal College of Psychiatrists. The Journal's web site is located at
Mccarthy, S; Asherson, P; Coghill, D; Hollis, C; Murray, M; Potts, L; Sayal, K; De Soysa, R; Taylor, E; Williams, T; Wong, ICK2009172
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