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Effect of adhesive drying time on the bond strength of irreversible hydrocolloid to stainless steel.Leung, KC; Chow, TW; Woo, EC; Clark, RK1999101
Effect of processing method on the dimensional accuracy and water sorption of acrylic resin dentures.Wong, DM; Cheng, LY; Chow, TW; Clark, RK199967
Linear dimensional change of heat-cured acrylic resin complete dentures after reline and rebase.Pow, EH; Chow, TW; Clark, RK199897
A rotational path of insertion for Kennedy Class IV removable partial dentures.Chow, TW; Clark, RK; Clarke, DA; Ho, GF1988172
Improved designs for removable partial dentures in Kennedy Class IV cases.Chow, TW; Clark, RK; Clarke, DA1988179
Modified construction of a removable partial denture in a case of Kennedy Class IV | Modifizierte Konstruktionen bei herausnehmbaren partiellen Prothesen in Fällen der Kennedy-Klasse IV.Chow, TW; Clark, RK; Clarke, DA198843
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