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Robust appearance-based tracking using a sparse Bayesian classifierWong, SF; Wong, KYK; Cipolla, R200669
Reconstruction of Outdoor Sculptures from Silhouettes under Approximate Circular Motion of an Uncalibrated Hand-Held CameraWong, KYK; Cipolla, R2004133
Reconstruction of surfaces of revolution from single uncalibrated viewsWong, KYK; Mendonça, PRS; Cipolla, R20042,671
Reconstruction of sculpture from its profiles with unknown camera positionsWong, KYK; Cipolla, R2004545
2 1/2 D visual servoing with respect to planar contours having complex and unknown shapesMalis, E; Chesi, G; Cipolla, R2003144
Camera calibration from surfaces of revolutionWong, KYK; Mendonça, PRS; Cipolla, R2003311
Estimating the fundamental matrix via constrained least-squares: A convex approachChesi, G; Garulli, A; Vicino, A; Cipolla, R200268
Reconstruction of outdoor sculptures from silhouettes under approximate circular motion of an uncalibrated hand-held cameraWong, KKY; Cipolla, R2002100
Structure and motion estimation from apparent contours under circular motionWong, KYK; Mendonça, PRS; Cipolla, R2002523
Reconstruction of surfaces of revolution from single uncalibrated viewsWong, KKY; Mendonca, PRS; Cipolla, R2002111
Structure and motion from silhouettesWong, KYK; Cipolla, R200171
Head model acquisition from silhouettesWong, KKY; Mendonca, PRS; Cipolla, R200181
Reconstruction of sculpture from uncalibrated image profilesCipolla, R; Wong, KYK2001530
Epipolar geometry from profiles under circular motionMendonça, PRS; Wong, KYK; Cipolla, R2001521
Automatic segmentation and matching of planar contours for visual servoingChesi, G; Malis, E; Cipolla, R200073
Camera calibration from symmetryWong, KKY; Mendonca, PRS; Cipolla, R2000127
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