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Factors influencing school connectedness: Chinese adolescents' perspectivesYuen, M; Lau, PSY; Lee, QAY; Gysbers, NC; Chan, RMC; Fong, RW; Chung, YB; Shea, PMK2012263
Guidance portfolio: invitational and narrative approaches to student reportingChung, YB; Yuen, MT201249
Overcoming obstacles associated with other learning experiences and school-based assessment: Perspectives of high school students with visual impairment in Hong Kong - Collaborative research project reportYuen, MT; Ho, J; Chung, YB; Fong, RW; Cheng, S; Ho, JH; Kwok, D; Ho, S; Tsui, J; Chiu, CW; Cheng, CKY; Yuen, J; Cheung, V2012232
A reporting system for learning and development: a case study in an inviting school in Hong KongChung, YB; Yuen, MT201215
Students' perceptions of a reporting and feedback system for learning and development in an 'inviting school' in Hong KongChung, YB; Yuen, M201280
The role of feedback in enhancing students’ self-regulation in inviting schoolsChung, YB; Yuen, MT201148
Student learning and profile: How to enhance learning through student learning profile?Chung, YB; Yuen, MT201151
Connectedness and life skills development workshop for gifted secondary students. Poster Presentation.Yuen, MT; Chung, YB; Chu, M; Kowk, J; Luk, B; Chung, MLK201162
Enhancing life skills development: Chinese adolescents' perceptionsYuen, M; Chan, RMC; Gysbers, NC; Lau, PSY; Lee, Q; Shea, PMK; Fong, RW; Chung, YB2010187
Promoting collaborative problem-solving in guiding adolescents in schools.Yuen, MT; Li, H; Siu, ACK; Wong, MYP; Chung, YB200985
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