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Time-resolved resonance raman and computational investigation of the influence of 4-acetamido and 4-N-methylacetamido substituents on the chemistry of phenylnitreneXue, J; Vyas, S; Du, Y; Luk, HL; Chuang, YP; But, TYS; Toy, PH; Wang, J; Winter, AH; Phillips, DL; Hadad, CM; Platz, MS2011205
Water concentration dependent photochemistry of ketoprofen in aqueous solutionsLi, MD; Du, Y; Chuang, YP; Xue, J; Phillips, DL201095
Time-resolved resonance raman and density functional theory investigation of the photochemistry of (s)-ketoprofenChuang, YP; Xue, J; Du, Y; Li, M; An, HY; Phillips, DL200967
Time-resolved resonance Raman observation of the dimerization of didehydroazepines in solutionXue, J; Du, Y; Chuang, YP; Phillips, DL; Wang, J; Luk, C; Hadad, CM; Platz, MS200897
Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Observation of the Dimerization of DidehydroazepinesChuang, YP; Xue, J; Du, Y; Phillips, DL; Wang, J; Luk, HL; Hadad, CM; Platz, MS2008202
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