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A New Variable Regularized Transform Domain NLMS Adaptive Filtering Algorithm-Acoustic Applications and Performance AnalysisChan, SC; Chu, Y; Zhang, Z201336
A New Variable Regularized QR Decomposition-Based Recursive Least M-Estimate Algorithm-Performance Analysis and Acoustic ApplicationsChan, SC; Chu, Y; Zhang, Z; Tsui, KM201333
Poly (4-styrenesulfonic acid-co-maleic acid) is an entry inhibitor against both HIV-1 and HSV infections – Potential as a dual functional microbicideQiu, M; Chen, Y; Song, S; Song, H; Chu, Y; Yuan, Z; Cheng, L; Zheng, D; Chen, Z; Wu, Z201223
Steering vector estimation and beamforming under uncertaintiesLiao, B; Chan, SC; Tsui, KM; Chu, Y201259
Lignosulfonic acid exhibits broadly anti-HIV-1 activity: potential as a microbicide candidate for the prevention of HIV-1 sexual transmissionQiu, M; Wang, Q; Chu, Y; Yuan, Z; Song, H; Chen, Z; Wu, Z2012119
Performance analysis and design of FxLMS algorithm in broadband ANC system with online secondary-path modelingChan, SC; Chu, Y2012170
A new regularized TVAR-based algorithm for recursive detection of nonstationarity and its application to speech signalsChu, Y; Chan, SC; Zhang, Z; Tsui, KM201271
A new recursive algorithm for time-varying autoregressive (TVAR) model estimation and its application to speech analysisChu, Y; Chan, SC; Zhang, Z; Tsui, KM201286
PLK1 phosphorylates mitotic centromere-associated kinesin and promotes its depolymerase activityZhang, L; Shao, H; Huang, Y; Yan, F; Chu, Y; Hou, H; Zhu, M; Fu, C; Aikhionbare, F; Fang, G; Ding, X; Yao, X2011148
Validation of the Chinese version of the Pediatric Quality of Life InventoryTM (PedsQLTM) Cancer ModuleLau, JTF; Yu, X; Chu, Y; Shing, MMK; Wong, EMC; Leung, TF; Li, CK; Fok, TF; Mak, WWS2010126
Validation of the chinese version of the pediatric quality of life inventory ™ (PedsQL ™) cancer moduleLau, JTF; Yu, XN; Chu, Y; Shing, MMK; Wong, EMC; Leung, TF; Li, CK; Fok, TF; Mak, WWS2010152
LFFMA and induction well-logging modelingLiu, Y; Chu, Y; Chew, WC200531
A fast algorithm for electrically small composite objectsChu, Y; Chew, WC200439
A multi-level fast multipole algorithm for low-frequency scattering from a composite objectChu, Y; Chew, WC200341
A Surface Integral Equation Formulation for Low-Frequency Scattering From a Composite ObjectChu, Y; Chew, WC; Zhao, J; Chen, S200331
Generalized PMCHWT formulation for low-frequency multi-region problemsChu, Y; Chew, WC; Chen, S; Zhao, J200257
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