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Blockade of therapy-induced acute recruitment of bone marrow-derived CXCR4+Flt-1+ hemangiocytes for the inhibition of hypoxia-induced tumor angiogenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma (Poster Presentation)Poon, RTP; Yang, Z; Li, MLY; Chu, WK; Yu, DC; Fan, ST200877
Rosiglitazone suppresses gastric carcinogenesis by up-regulating HCaRG expressionChen, BL; Yu, J; Zeng, ZR; Chu, WK; Wong, CYP; Cheng, YY; Sung, JJY; Hu, PJ; Leung, WK200888
Syntheses, crystal structures, photophysics and cation-binding studies of luminescent functionalized ruthenium polypyridine complexes with orthometallated aminocarbene ligandsYam, VWW; Ko, CC; Chu, WK; Zhu, N200394
Effect of retinoic acid isomers on the neuronal differentiation of human neuroblastoma cellsCheung, WMW; Chu, WK; Kwong, YL200261
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