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Plant Recruitment in Early Development Stages on Rehabilitated Quarries in Hong KongZhang, H; Zhuang, X; Chu, LM201325
Observation of singlet cycloreversion of thymine oxetanes by direct photolysisKwok, WM; Guan, X; Chu, LM; Tang, W; Phillips, DL2008431
Observation of Ultrafast Cycloreversion after Photoexcitation of an OxetaneKwok, WM; Chu, LM; Guan, X; Tang, WJ; Ma, C; Phillips, DL2007164
Time-resolved resonance Raman study of the reaction of the 2-fluorenylnitrenium ion with 2-fluorenylazideXue, J; Guo, Z; Chan, PY; Chu, LM; But, TYS; Phillips, DL200758
Time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy and density functional theory investigation of the photochemistry of 4-chloroaniline in the solution phaseChu, LM; Guan, X; Phillips, DL2006170
Comparison of the dehalogenation of dihalomethanes (CH 2XI, where X = Cl, Br, I) following ultraviolet photolysis in aqueous and NaCl saltwater environmentsDu, Y; Guan, X; Kwok, WM; Chu, LM; Phillips, DL200555
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