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MERS coronaviruses in dromedary camels, EgyptChu, KW; Poon, LLM; Gomaa, MM; Shehata, MM; Perera, RAPM; Zeid, DA; El Rifay, AS; Siu, YL; Guan, Y; Webby, RJ; Ali, MA; Peiris, JSM; Kayali, G201424
A case for the ancient origin of coronavirusesWertheim, JO; Chu, KW; Peiris, JSM; Kosakovsky Pond, SL; Poon, LLM201341
From My Fancy High Heels to Useless Clothing: ‘Interconnectedness’ and Ecocritical Issues in Transnational DocumentariesChu, KW201329
Inferring influenza infection attack rate from seroprevalence data (abstract & poster presentation)Wu, JTK; Leung, SM; Perera, RAPM; Chu, KW; Lee, CK; Hung, IFN; Lin, CK; Lo, SV; Lau, YL; Leung, GM; Cowling, BJ; Peiris, JSM201323
Film Scene ReviewsChu, KW201333
Ways of seeing new Chinese landscapes art: some ecocritical observationsChu, KW201322
Three gorges on film: toward an East-West comparative eco-film criticismChu, KW201321
Scale and subjectivity in eco-film criticism: a reading of Michelangelo Frammartino’s Le Quattro VolteChu, KW201327
A novel group of avian astroviruses in wild aquatic birdsChu, KW; Leung, CYH; Ng, EM; Gilbert, M; Joyner, PH; Grioni, A; Ades, G; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM; Poon, LLM201232
Constructing Ruins: New Urban Aesthetics in Chinese Art and CinemaChu, KW201228
Displacing Red Childhood: Representations of Childhood during Mao’s Era in Little Red FlowersChu, KW201221
Characterizing the transmission dynamics and severity of the 2009 Influenza Pandemic in Hong KongWu, JTK; Leung, SM; Ma, SK; Lee, CK; Chu, KW; Ho, PL; Hung, IFN; Ho, LM; Lin, CK; Tsang, T; Lo, SV; Lau, YL; Leung, GM; Cowling, BJ; Peiris, JSM2011167
Implementing knowledge management in school environment: Teachers' perceptionChu, KW; Wang, M; Yuen, AHK2011109
Teacher perception of implementation of knowledge management in schoolChu, KW; Wang, M; Yuen, HK200993
Oral health education for Parkinson's disease patients in Hong KongMcGrath, CPJ; Wong, MCM; Cheung, GCY; Chu, KW; Kei, IC; Lee, WH; Ling, CPY; Siu, SY; Tam, CY; Wong, K2009112
The relationship between explanatory style and posttraumatic growth after bereavement in a non-clinical sampleHo, SMY; Chu, KW; Yiu, J2008111
直結腸癌細胞線粒體超微結構與細胞凋亡的關系.LU, G; Shen, J; Fung, PCW; Chu, KW2006139
Treatment of rectal cancer without radiotherapy? [1] (multiple letters)Read, TE; Law, WL; Ho, JWC; Chan, R; Au, G; Chu, KW200646
Relationship between Apoptosis and Ultrastructure of Mitochondria of Colorectal CancerLu, G; Shen, J; You, WL; Fung, PCW; Chu, KW200676
Sampling details when researching the ultrastructure of mitochondria of colorectal cancerLu, G; You, WL; Zhang, DH; Shen, J; Fung, PCW; Chu, KW200687
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