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Treatment of knee osteoarthritis with Lyprinol®, lipid extract of the green-lipped mussel - A double-blind placebo-controlled studyLau, CS; Chiu, PKY; Chu, EMY; Cheng, IYW; Tang, WM; Man, RYK; Halpern, GM2004431
Translation and Validation of Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2 into Chinese: CAIMS2Chu, EMY; Chiu, KY; Wong, RWS; Tang, WM; Lau, CS2004128
A new model of health identified through qualitative and quantitative analysis of the Chinese Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2. Cultural issues in the translation and validation of health status measuresChu, EMY; Lau, WCS2003180
Use of health status measurement scales among arthritis patients with low educational levelChu, EMY; Chiu, PKY; Wong, RWS; Lau, WCS2003149
A randomised controlled study on the rehabilitation of rheumatoid arthrits patients with the use of psychological and occupational therapyChu, EMY; Yung, P; Li, C; Lau, WCS; Leung, B2003259
Validity and reliability of a Chinese version of the arthritis impact measurement scales 2 (CAIMS2)Chu, EMY; Chiu, PKY; Wong, RWS; Lau, WCS2001203
The need for tools to measure rheumatic disease outcomes in the RegionLau, WCS; Chu, EMY; Leung, PY; Chiu, PKY; Tang, WM; Wong, RWS200068
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