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Using 3D Virtual Environments to Facilitate Students in Constructivist LearningChau, MCL; Wong, ACP; Wang, M; Lai, S; Chan, K; Chu, D; Chan, I; Li, TMH201343
Regularized orthogonal linear discriminant analysisChing, WK; Chu, D; Liao, LZ; Wang, X2012173
Developing upper primary students’ 21st century skills: Inquiry learning through collaborative teaching and Web 2.0 technologyChu, SKW; Tavares, NJ; Chu, D; Ho, SY; Chow, K; Siu, FLC; Wong, M2012259
Discriminant analysis in pairwise kernel learning for SVM classificationJiang, H; Ching, WK; Chu, D2012106
一日行路多幾步, 控制糖尿會更好 (運動自學圖冊)Leung, AYM; Chu, D; Leung, E; Liang, KTK201138
Characterization of all solutions for undersampled uncorrelated linear discriminant analysis problemsChu, D; Goh, ST; Hung, YS201181
Numerical computation of the fixed poles in disturbance decoupling for descriptor systemsChu, D; Hung, YS201170
The effectiveness of the Depression Care Management (DCM) Program on diabetic and hypertensive patientsCheung, KT; Leung, A; Law, A; Chu, D; Wong, J; Yung, AMT2010136
Engineering outreach: A successful initiative with gifted students in science and technology in Hong KongChan, YY; Hui, D; Dickinson, AR; Chu, D; Cheng, DKW; Cheung, E; Ki, WH; Lau, WH; Wong, J; Lo, EWC; Luk, KM2010148
Media awareness in the age of new media: a case study of Primary 4 students in Hong KongChu, D; Chu, SKW2010104
An emerging role of teacher-researchers in Hong Kong through a school-university collaborative research projectChow, K; Chu, SKW; Tavares, NJ; Siu, FLC; Chu, D; Ho, SY201063
Predictors of influenza vaccination in Chinese older patients with chronic disease in Hong KongChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Leung, AYM; Lam, CLK; Hung, I; Yuen, KY; Liang, RHS; Johnston, JM; Chan, CK; Chu, D; Liu, SH; Lam, TH2009184
Evaluating a low intensity health education intervention on pneumococcal vaccination uptake among elders with chronic illnesesChan, S; Chan, S; Lam, C; Leung, AYH; Leung, D; Lam, TH; Johnston, J; Chu, D; Chan, CK; Hung, IFN; Liang, RHS; Yuen, KY2009374
Chinese diabetic patients' communicative health literacy: views from health professionalsLeung, A; Chu, D; Chan, SSC; Shum, WC2009137
Inertia and rank characterizations of some matrix expressionsChu, D; Hung, YS; Woerdeman, HJ2009148
Exponential stabilization of linear systems with probabilistic samplingGao, H; Wu, J; Lam, J; Chu, D200895
Exponential stabilization of linear systems with time-varying samplingGao, H; Wu, J; Lam, J; Chu, D200857
Health Communication in Diabetic Care: A Qualitative Study in Hong KongLeung, AYM; Chu, D; Shum, WC; Chan, SSC200888
Immune response to influenza vaccination in community-dwelling Chinese elderly personsHui, SL; Chu, LW; Peiris, JSM; Chan, KH; Chu, D; Tsui, W2006106
A matrix pencil approach to the row by row decoupling problem for descriptor systemsChu, D; Hung, YS2006221
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