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Multi-key Leakage-Resilient Threshold CryptographyZhang, C; Yuen, TH; Xiong, H; Chow, SM; Yiu, SM; He, YJ201341
Staging systems for papillary thyroid carcinoma: A study of 2 tertiary referral centersLang, BHH; Chow, SM; Lo, CY; Law, SCK; Lam, KY200734
Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer by Serum Proteomic FingerprintingPoon, TCW; Sung, JJY; Chow, SM; Ng, EKW; Yu, ACW; Chu, ESH; Hui, AMY; Leung, WK200664
Signcryption in Hierarchical Identity Based CryptosystemChow, SM; Yuen, TH; Hui, CK; Yiu, SM200595
Supporting efficient authorization in delegation with supervisionLui, WC; Chow, SM; Hui, CK; Yiu, SM2005212
Job prospects for HKU dental graduates in Guangdong and MacauLo, ECM; Cheung, KH; Chiang, CY; Chow, SM; Ip, WK; Lee, KK; Lee, SY; Leung, CCM; Sze, HY; Wong, HK2002116
Factors affecting people's selection of dentists in Hong KongLo, ECM; Chow, SM; Chung, CH; Chung, SYK; Fernando, NR; Fong, WK; Ho, CK; Hui, MC; Hung, WK1998106
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