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Splenic arteriovenous fistula: Unusual cause of portal hypertension complicated with gastric variceal bleedingLaw, ST; Wong, CKK; Chow, KC; Loo, KT201241
Influenza viruses in wild birds in Hong Kong, 2003-2010Leung, CYH; Cheung, PPH; Zhang, LJ; Wu, YO; Chow, KC; Ho, CK; Chow, CK; Ng, CF; Li, C; Tsang, CL; Dhanasekaran, V; Smith, GJD; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM2011168
Primary Ki-1-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma of the bone presented with spinal cord compressionChow, KC; Chan, GCF; Khong, PL; Shek, TWH; Ha, SY; Lau, YL2007120
Evaluation of two stool antigen tests for the detection of Helicobacter pylori infection in the Chinese populationWong, BCY; Xia, HHX; Cheung, HKL; Ng, FH; Wong, SY; Chow, KC; Lin, SK; Yin, Y; Wong, WM; Yuen, MF; Lam, SK2003114
[13C]-Urea breath test without prior fasting and without test meal is accurate for the detection of Helicobacter pylori infection in ChineseNg, FH; Lai, KC; Wong, BCY; Wong, WM; Wong, SY; Chow, KC; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY; Lam, SK2002229
Healing interval between dental extraction and radiotherapy for Southern Chinese Nasopharyngeal cancer patients and incidence of osteoradionecrosisChu, FCS; Leung, CF; Wong, YK; Chow, KC; Cheng, CF1999102
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