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Injuries among children 0 to 19 years in Hong KongChiu, IWS; Chow, CB; Ip, P; Ho, KW; Wong, WHS201332
Multi-disciplinary Efforts Toward Sustained Road Safety Benefits: Integrating Place-based and People-based Safety AnalysesLoo, BPY; Chow, CB; Leung, M; Kwong, THJ; Lai, SFA; Chau, YH201360
Epidemiology of Child Abuse and Its Geographic Distribution in Hong Kong: An Important Social Indicator of Different Districts and Communities (A Central Policy Unit Commissioned Report): Executive SummaryIp, P; Chan, EKL; Chow, CB; Wong, WHS201334
Creating safe playgrounds: A safety promotion approachHo, KW; Chow, CB; Ip, P; Leung, M; Chow, YH; Yeung, A; Wong, WHS; Chiu, IWS201328
An estimate of the prevalence of down's syndrome in Hong KongGale, SC; Ip, P; Chow, CB; Wong, WHS; Chung, BHY; Ip, DKM201328
Factors influencing length of stay amongst people with down's syndromeGale, SC; Chu, WY; Ip, P; Chow, CB; Wong, WHS; Ip, DKM; Chung, BHY201330
The Hong Kong Early Child Development Scale: A Validation StudyRao, N; Sun, J; Ng, SSN; Ma, K; Becher, Y; Lee, D; Lau, C; Zhang, L; Chow, CB; Ip, P2013157
Characteristics of Family Violence Victims Presenting to Emergency Departments in Hong KongChan, KL; Anna Choi, WM; Fong, DYT; Chow, CB; Leung, M; Ip, P2013168
Review of Outdoor Air Pollution and Child Health in Hong KongLee, SL; Tinsley, HM; Chau, J; Lai, HK; Thach, TQ; Ip, P; Chow, CB; Hedley, AJ201339
In-depth exploration of unintentional childhood injuries in low-income settings in Hong KongLeung, C; Johnston, JM; Chow, CB; Lam, TH201255
Geospatial mapping and surveillance of unintentional childhood injuries: a systematic review of literature (abstract and poster presentation)Leung, C; Johnston, JM; Chow, CB; Lam, TH201240
Teratology and developmental pharmacology: Why should paediatricians care?Chung, BHY; Ip, P; Chow, CB; Chin, R; Lau, YL; Koren, G2011169
Health and hygiene in early childhood settings (for 0-3 years) outside of homeIp, P; Chow, CB; Chan, AWM2011120
ReplyChan, KL; Yan, E; Fong, DYT; Chow, CB; Ip, P201177
Policy brief: Children left unattended at home in Hong KongChow, CB; Ip, P; Lee, SL; Tsang, AMC; Chiu, I; Wong, WHS; Lau, YL2011259
Reply to letter to editor: The Chinese Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire (JVQ)Chan, KL; Yan, E; Fong, DYT; Chow, CB; Ip, P201193
Validation of the chinese juvenile victimisation questionnaireChan, KL; Fong, DYT; Yan, E; Chow, CB; Ip, P2011236
The need of policies and legislative changes for tobacco control in Hong Kong: Letter of recommendations to Hong Kong Legislative CouncilIp, P; Chow, CB; Lee, SL; Tsang, AMC; Chiu, IWS; Wong, WHS; Lau, YL2011397
Upsurging of child maltreatment admissions in Chinese by using ICD codes for maltreatment syndrome: A different experience in the EastIp, P; Chan, EKL; Chow, CB; Wong, W; Tsang, AMC; Lee, SL; Lau, YL2010391
Early intervention program for pregnant heroin users and their young children: Hong Kong's experienceIp, P; Chan, WT; Lee, YT; Chow, CB2008184
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