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Effect of diffusion time on liver DWI: An experimental study of normal and fibrotic liversZhou, IY; Gao, DS; Chow, AMK; Fan, S; Cheung, MMH; Ling, C; Liu, X; Cao, P; Guo, H; Man, K; Wu, EX201331
Molecular MRI of liver fibrosis by a peptide-targeted contrast agent in an experimental mouse modelChow, AMK; Gao, S; Fan, S; Cheung, SW; Qiao, Z; Man, K; Wu, EX201334
Effect of diffusion time on liver DWIGao, DS; Qiao, Z; Cheung, MMH; Chow, AMK; Fan, S; Man, K; Wu, EX2012100
Increasing diffusion time improves in vivo DWI sensitivity to liver fibrosisGao, DS; Yang, J; Cheung, MMH; Chow, AMK; Fan, S; Man, K; Wu, EX201275
Early metabolic changes in hippocampus and cingulate cortex after fear conditioningZhou, IY; Ding, AY; Li, Q; Fan, S; Chan, KCW; Cao, P; Chow, AMK; McAlonan, GM; Wu, EX201197
Manganese-enhanced MRI detection of nerula compensatory changes after neonatal monocular enulcationZhou, IY; Chow, AMK; Fan, SJ; Wu, EX2010106
In vivo proton MRS of liver in an experimental liver fibrosis modelCheung, JSC; Fan, SJ; Gao, DS; Chan, KWY; Chow, AMK; Man, K; Wu, EX2010304
Proton MRS of hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury in an experimental rat modelChow, AMK; Chan, KWY; Fan, SJ; Cheung, JSC; Wu, EX2010104
MRI of liver fibrosis by fibrin-fibronectin targeted contrast agentGao, DS; Tan, M; Cheung, JSC; Chow, AMK; Fan, SJ; Chan, KWY; Man, K; Lu, ZR; Wu, EX2010230
Liposome-loaded microspheres as a magnetic susceptibility agent for PH sensingChan, KWY; Chow, AMK; Wu, EX2010121
Proton MRS of changes of lipid unsaturation during liver regenerationChan, KWY; Chow, AMK; Fan, SJ; Wu, EX201093
Taurine change in visual cortex of neonatal monocular enucleated rat: a proton MRS studyChow, AMK; Zhou, IY; Fan, SJ; Chan, KWY; Chan, KCW; Wu, EX2010125
Diffusion-weighted balanced SSFP (DW-bSSFP): a new approach to diffusion tensor imagingCheung, MMH; Cheung, JSC; Xiao, L; Chow, AMK; Chan, KWY; Wu, EX2010205
Metabolite profiling of mild hypothermia by 1H-MRSChan, KWY; Chow, AMK; Xiao, L; Wu, EX2010136
In vivo demonstration of enhancing gas-filled microbubble magnetic susceptibility with iron oxide nanoparticlesChow, AMK; Chan, KWY; Wu, EX2010138
MEMRI study of mice cerebellar activation after voluntary wheel runningZhou, IY; Chow, AMK; Chan, KCW; Lau, C; Wu, EX2010131
Proton MRS in the late stage of neonatal hypoxia-ischemic cerebral injuryChow, AMK; Zhou, IY; Fan, SJ; Chan, KWY; Chan, KCW; Wu, EX2010113
Enhancement of gas-filled microbubble magnetic susceptibility by iron oxide nanoparticlesChow, AMK; Cheung, JSC; Wu, EX2009275
MRI diffusion tensor imaging of renal ischemia reperfusion injury in rat kidneyCheung, JSC; Fan, S; Chow, AMK; Wu, EX2009161
In vivo assessment of hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury in rat using diffusion tensor imagingCheung, JSC; Fan, SJ; Chow, AMK; Hui, ES; Cai, KX; Man, K; Wu, EX20094,376
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