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Giant and uniform fluorescence enhancement over large areas using plasmonic nanodots in 3D resonant cavity nanoantenna by nanoimprintingZhang, W; Ding, F; Li, WD; Wang, Y; Hu, J; Chou, SY2012122
Nanoscale negative-tone quantized patterning by novel selective electrochemical etching of a nanoimprinted sub-200 nm bimetallic tile arrayLi, W; Liang, X; Chou, SY201225
Extraordinary light transmission through opaque thin metal film with subwavelength holes blocked by metal disksLi, WD; Hu, J; Chou, SY2011151
Drive-current tuning of self-oscillation frequency of external cavity VCSELSmith, CJ; Li, WD; Wysocki, G; Chou, SY2011113
Printing of sub-20 nm wide graphene ribbon arrays using nanoimprinted graphite stamps and electrostatic force assisted bondingWang, C; Morton, KJ; Fu, Z; Li, WD; Chou, SY2011138
Three-dimensional cavity nanoantenna coupled plasmonic nanodots for ultrahigh and uniform surface-enhanced Raman scattering over large areaLi, WD; Ding, F; Hu, J; Chou, SY2011109
Solar-blind deep-UV band-pass filter (250-350 nm) consisting of a metal nano-grid fabricated by nanoimprint lithographyLi, WD; Chou, SY2010122
Fabrication of a 60-nm-diameter perfectly round metal-dot array over a large area on a plastic substrate using nanoimprint lithography and self-perfection by liquefactionWang, C; Xia, Q; Li, WD; Fu, Z; Morton, KJ; Chou, SY2010173
InGaAs/InP subwavelength grating filters for the mid-infraredBentil, EN; Li, WD; Chen, J; Ritter, AM; Chou, SY; Gmachl, CF201081
Effects of nanodots on surface plasmons and electric field enhancement in nano-pillar antenna arrayHu, J; Li, WD; Ding, F; Chou, SY201091
100 nm metallic checkerboard by wafer-scale nanoimprint and its application in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopyLi, WD; Wang, C; Chou, SY2010170
Quantized patterning using nanoimprinted blanksChou, SY; Li, WD; Liang, X2009117
Self-limited self-perfection by liquefaction for sub-20nm trench/line fabricationLiang, Y; Murphy, P; Li, WD; Chou, SY2009127
Large-area metal grid ultraviolet filter fabricated by nanoimprint lithographyLi, WD; Chou, SY200782
Fully elastic interconnects on nanopatterned elastomeric substratesMandlik, P; Lacour, SP; Li, JW; Chou, SY; Wagner, S200672
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