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Being active or flexible? Role of control coping on quality of life among patients with gastrointestinal cancerCheng, C; Chan, NY; Chio, JHM; Chan, P; Chan, AOO; Hui, WM2012137
Sociocultural differences in self-construal and subjective well-being: A test of four cultural modelsCheng, C; Jose, PE; Sheldon, KM; Singelis, TM; Cheung, MWL; Tiliouine, H; Alao, AA; Chio, JHM; Lui, JYM; Chun, WY; De Zavala, AG; Hakuzimana, A; Hertel, J; Liu, JT; Onyewadume, M; Sims, C2011148
Active versus flexible coping in psychological adjustment to gastrointestinal cancerCheng, C; Chan, TN; Chio, JHM; Chan, P; Chan, AOO; Hui, WM2010115
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