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Direct functionalisation of σ-aryl ligands: preparation of homoleptic functionalised aryls of osmium(IV)Lau, MK; Zhang, QF; Chim, JLC; Wong, WT; Leung, WH2001104
Bridged dinitrogen complexes of iron and chromium porphyrinsZhang, QF; Chim, JLC; Lai, W; Wong, WT; Leung, WH2001147
Synthesis and molecular structures of monooxo aryl complexes of osmium(VI)Lau, MK; Chim, JLC; Wong, WT; Williams, ID; Leung, WH2001500
Heterobimetallic µ-nitrido complexes containing ruthenium(II) dithiocarbamateZheng, H; Leung, WH; Chim, JLC; Lai, W; Lam, CH; Williams, ID; Wong, WT2000133
Dioxo- and nitrido-osmium complexes with imidodiphosphinochalcogenido ligands [N(QPR2)2]- (Q = S or Se; R = Ph or Pri)Zhang, QF; Lau, KK; Chim, JLC; Wong, TKT; Wong, WT; Williams, ID; Leung, WH2000110
Ruthenium complexes with N(SPR2)2- (R = Ph or Pri)Leung, WH; Zheng, H; Chim, JLC; Chan, J; Wong, WT; Williams, ID2000112
Heterobimetallic nitrido-bridged Ru(II)NOs(VIII) and Ru(II)NOs(VI) complexes containing ruthenium porphyrinsLeung, WH; Chim, JLC; Lai, W; Lam, L; Wong, WT; Chan, WH; Yeung, CH1999126
Reactions of nitridorhenium(V) and -osmium(VI) complexes with acylating agentsLeung, WH; Chim, JLC; Williams, ID; Wong, WT1999101
N- versus S-metalation of nitridobis(3,4-toluenedithiolato)osmium(VI)Leung, WH; Chim, JLC; Wong, WT1998147
Tosylimido complexes of tungsten(VI)Leung, WH; Wu, MC; Chim, JLC; Wong, WT199898
Oxidation Reactions of Dithiocarbamate Complexes of Ruthenium(II)Leung, WH; Chim, JLC; Hou, H; Hun, TSM; Williams, ID; Wong, WT1997186
Epoxide ring opening catalysed by imidochromium complexesLeung, WH; Wu, MC; Chim, JLC; Yu, MT; Hou, HW; Yeung, LL; Wong, WT; Wang, Y1997149
Syntheses and crystal structures of bi- and tri-metallic complexes containing a trioxoosmium(VIII) moietyLeung, WH; Chim, JLC; Wong, WT199786
Synthesis and Reactivities of (Arylsulfonyl)amido Complexes of Ruthenium(II)Leung, WH; Wu, MC; Chim, JLC; Wong, WT1996102
Dimetallic gold(I) and platinum(II) complexes containing a trioxoosmium(VIII) moiety. Crystal structures of [Au(PPh3)(NOsO3)] and cis-[Pt(PMe3)2(NOsO3)2]Leung, WH; Chim, JLC; Wong, WT199692
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