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Modified mRNA directs the fate of heart progenitor cells and induces vascular regeneration after myocardial infarctionZangi, L; Lui, KO; von Gise, A; Ma, Q; Ebina, W; Ptaszek, LM; Später, D; Xu, H; Tabebordbar, M; Gorbatov, R; Sena, B; Nahrendorf, M; Briscoe, DM; Li, RA; Wagers, AJ; Rossi, DJ; Pu, WT; Chien, KR201322
Targeted conditional gene knockout in human embryonic stem cellsBu, L; Gao, X; Jiang, X; Chien, KR; Wang, Z2010105
Human ISL1 heart progenitors generate diverse multipotent cardiovascular cell lineagesBu, L; Jiang, X; MartinPuig, S; Caron, L; Zhu, S; Shao, Y; Roberts, DJ; Huang, PL; Domian, IJ; Chien, KR2009170
Multipotent Embryonic Isl1 + Progenitor Cells Lead to Cardiac, Smooth Muscle, and Endothelial Cell DiversificationMoretti, A; Caron, L; Nakano, A; Lam, JT; Bernshausen, A; Chen, Y; Qyang, Y; Bu, L; Sasaki, M; MartinPuig, S; Sun, Y; Evans, SM; Laugwitz, KL; Chien, KR2006134
Cardiomyopathy associated with microcirculation dysfunction in laminin α4 chain-deficient miceWang, J; Hoshijima, M; Lam, J; Zhou, Z; Jokiel, A; Dalton, ND; Hultenby, K; RuizLozano, P; Ross Jr, J; Tryggvason, K; Chien, KR2006105
Heart and lung disease in engineered miceLin, MC; Rockman, HA; Chien, KR199545
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