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Identification of estrogen receptor-alpha as a new translational target of e1F4E
RNA Biology - 2nd Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference
Gong, C; Cheung, YN; Wong, SY; Man, PS; Yang, N; Tsang, WH; Khoo, US201270
FOXO3a represses VEGF expression through FOXM1-dependent and -independent mechanisms in breast cancer
Nature Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Karadedou, CT; Gomes, AR; Chen, J; Petkovic, M; Ho, KK; Zwolinska, AK; Feltes, A; Wong, SY; Chan, KYK; Cheung, YN; Tsang, JWH; Brosens, JJ; Khoo, US; Lam, EWF2012328
Splice variant profiling in relation to tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer
Meeting of the European Association for Cancer Research
Zhang, L; Chan, YK; Ip, YC; Tsang, WH; Cheung, YN; Wong, SY; Khoo, US2010140
Splice variant profiling of tamoxifen sensitive and resistance breast cancer
27th HUGO-IABCR Congress 2010, Singapore
Khoo, US; Zhang, L; Cheung, YN; Chan, YK; Ip, YC; Wong, SU; Tsang, WH2010126
Constitutively nuclear FOXO3a localization predicts poor survival and promotes Akt phosphorylation in breast cancer
Public Library of Science. The Journal's web site is located at
Chen, J; Gomes, AR; Monteiro, LJ; Wong, SY; Wu, LH; Ng, TT; Karadedou, CT; Millour, J; Ip, YC; Cheung, YN; Sunters, A; Chan, KYK; Lam, EWF; Khoo, US2010315
eIF1 controls multiple steps in start codon recognition during eukaryotic translation initiation
Journal of Molecular Biology
Academic Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Nanda, JS; Cheung, YN; Takacs, JE; Martin-Marcos, P; Saini, AK; Hinnebusch, AG; Lorsch, JR2009192
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