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An agent-mediated middleware service framework for e-logisticsLuo, Z; Wang, M; Cheung, W; Liu, J; Tong, FCH; Tan, CJ2007154
Stock Assessment Approach for the Napoleon fish, Cheilinus undulatus, in Indonesia: a tool for quota-setting for data-poor fisheries under CITES Appendix II Non-Detriment Finding requirementsSadovy, YJ; Punt, AE; Cheung, W; Vasconcellos, M; Suharti, S2007246
Cell cycle-related kinase: A novel candidate oncogene in human glioblastomaNg, SSM; Cheung, YT; An, XM; Chen, YC; Li, M; HoiYee, G; Cheung, W; Sze, J; Lai, L; Peng, Y; Xia, HHX; Wong, BCY; Leung, SY; Xie, D; He, ML; Kung, HF; Lin, MC2007596
Experimental analysis of an RFID security protocolLuo, Z; Chan, T; Li, JS; Wong, E; Cheung, W; Ng, V; Fok, W2006143
Hepatitis B reactivation after withdrawal of preemptive lamivudine in patients with hematological malignancy upon completion of cytotoxic chemotherapyHui, CK; Cheung, W; Au, WY; Lie, AKW; Zhang, H; Yueng, YH; Wong, BCY; Leung, N; Kwong, YL; Liang, RHS; Lau, G200597
Plasma cell problems: Case 2. Extramedullary cardiac plasmacytoma presenting with cardiac tamponadeChim, CS; Loong, F; Ma, ESK; Cheung, W; Chan, RHW; Ooi, GC200553
Pilot study on the use of sublingual misoprostol in termination of pregnancy up to 7 weeks gestationCheung, W; Tang, OS; Lee, SWH; Ho, PC2003112
A randomised comparison of side effects and patient inconvenience of two vaginal progesterone formulations used for luteal support in in vitro fertilisation cyclesNg, EHY; Miao, B; Cheung, W; Ho, PC2003112
A randomized double-blind comparison of perifollicular vascularity and endometrial receptivity in ovulatory women taking clomiphene citrate at two different timesCheung, W; Ng, EHY; Ho, PC200285
A pilot study to examine the perifollicular vascularity by transvaginal ultrasonography between different regimens of clomiphene citrate in subfertile Chinese womenCheung, W; Ng, EHY; Ho, PC200163
Ultrasound guided transperineal prostatic aspiration biopsy: experience in Hong Kong.Cheung, W; Chau, EM; Yuen, ST; Leong, L; Collins, RJ199470
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