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Numerical study on scattering and absorption by periodically arranged acoustical treatment at oblique incidenceCheung, SC; Wang, C; Huang, L201279
Message from the General ChairsCheung, SC; Tse, TH201232
Transfer from L3 German to L2 English in the domain of tense/aspectCheung, SC; Matthews, SJ; Tsang, WL2011120
A breath-hold R2 mapping pulse sequence detects a decrease in myocardial ferritin iron after one-week of iron chelationKim, D; Jensen, J; Cheung, SC; Feng, L; Ha, SY; Au, WY; Sheth, S; Brittenham, GM; Wu, EX2010122
Transfer from L3 German to L2 English in agreement and tense‐aspectCheung, SC; Matthews, SJ; Tsang, WL2009134
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography of adult scimitar syndrome (variant form).Siu, CW; Cheung, SC; Chan, CW; Jim, MH; Tse, HF200965
Engineering e-Collaboration Services with a Multi-Agent System ApproachChiu, DKW; Cheung, SC; Leung, HF; Hung, P; Kafeza, E; Hu, H; Wang, M; Hu, H; Zhuang, Y2009135
PAT: A pattern classification approach to automatic reference oracles for the testing of mesh simplification programsChan, WK; Cheung, SC; Ho, JCF; Tse, TH20091,630
Computation of Sound Radiation in a Duct by Chebyshev CollocationHuang, L; Cheung, SC2008145
Towards the testing of power-aware software applications for wireless sensor networksChan, WK; Chen, TY; Cheung, SC; Tse, TH; Zhang, Z2007936
Reference models and automatic oracles for the testing of Mesh simplification software for graphics renderingChan, WK; Cheung, SC; Ho, JCF; Tse, TH2006297
Automatic goal-oriented classification of failure behaviors for testing XML-based multimedia software applications: An experimental case studyChan, WK; Cheng, MY; Cheung, SC; Tse, TH2006826
MRI characterization of trabecular bone structure by exploring bone microscopic susceptibility effectCheung, SC; Yang, J; Hui, SK; Wu, EX200674
MOTSA TOF-MRA using multi-oblique-stacks acquisition (MOSA)Hui, SK; Yang, J; Cheung, SC; Wu, EX200683
Fault-based testing of database application programs with conceptual data modelCha, WK; Cheung, SC; Tse, TH2005615
Towards the application of classification techniques to test and identify faults in multimedia systemsCheng, MY; Cheung, SC; Tse, TH2004406
Cabot: On the ontology for the middleware support of context-aware pervasive applicationsXu, C; Cheung, SC; Lo, C; Leung, KC; Wei, J200477
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