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Marital satisfaction among Hong Kong couplesCheung, MWL; Yip, PSF; Fan, SYS; Lam, TH201226
Sociocultural differences in self-construal and subjective well-being: A test of four cultural modelsCheng, C; Jose, PE; Sheldon, KM; Singelis, TM; Cheung, MWL; Tiliouine, H; Alao, AA; Chio, JHM; Lui, JYM; Chun, WY; De Zavala, AG; Hakuzimana, A; Hertel, J; Liu, JT; Onyewadume, M; Sims, C2011148
Folkbiology meets microbiology: A study of conceptual and behavioral changeAu, TKf; Chan, CKK; Chan, Tk; Cheung, MWL; Ho, JYS; Ip, GWM2008154
A study of sexual satisfaction and frequency of sex among hong kong chinese couplesCheung, MWL; Wong, PWC; Liu, KY; Yip, PSF; Fan, SYS; Lam, TH2008239
Using the combined etic-emic approach to develop a measurement of interpersonal subjective well-being in Chinese populationsHo, MY; Cheung, MWL2006145
Theta reliabilityCheung, MWL; Yip, PSF2005683
Psychological responses to outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome: A prospective, multiple time-point studyCheng, C; Cheung, MWL200567
What causes colds/flu? A study of Chinese children and older adults’ folk beliefsAu, TKF; Ip, GWM; Ho, YSJ; Lam, CYY; Chan, SMK; Cheung, MWL200583
Applications of multilevel structural equation modeling to cross-cultural researchCheung, MWL; Au, K2005345
Cognitive processes underlying coping flexibility: Differentiation and integrationCheng, C; Cheung, MWL200592
Children and older adults’ folk beliefs about colds/fluHo, JYS; Au, TKF; Ip, GWM; Chan, SMK; Lam, CYY; Cheung, MWL200467
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