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A community study on burden and depressive symptoms among carers of demented relativesShum, YW; Ng, P; Lou, VW; Chan, O; Ho, JC; Hung, A; Cheung, M; Leung Wong, EKS; Chow, P; Wong, J201329
Psychometric properties of Chinese Health Literacy Scale for diabetes among elders in Hong KongLeung, AYM; Lou, VWQ; Cheung, M; Chan, S; Chi, I201235
Adopting RFID for body parts tagging: A Local Association Network approachLuo, Z; Lai, M; Tse, WP; Cheung, M; Ting, JWM; Wong, PWL; Chan, SKY; So, KF; Tipoe, GL2010175
Reliable and valid NEWS for Chinese seniors: Measuring perceived neighborhood attributes related to walkingCerin, E; Sit, CHP; Cheung, M; Ho, S; Lee, LJ; Chan, W2010135
Place but not date of birth influences the development and emergence of talent in the American football.MacDonald, DJ; Cheung, M; Cote, J; Abernethy, AB2009155
A Culturally Relevant Model for Evaluating Family Services in Hong KongCheung, M; Law, CK200377
Early Is Superior to Deferred Preemptive Lamivudine Therapy for Hepatitis B Patients Undergoing ChemotherapyLau, GKK; Yiu, HHY; Fong, DYT; Cheng, HC; Au, WY; Lai, LSF; Cheung, M; Zhang, HY; Lie, A; Ngan, R; Liang, R2003177
A randomized study of high-dose versus low-dose cis-platinum combined with cyclophosphamide in the treatment of advanced ovarian cancerNgan, HYS; Choo, YC; Cheung, M; Wong, LC; Ma, HK; Collins, R; Fung, C; Ng, CS; Wong, V; Ho, HC; Leung, P; Wong, R; Chan, E; Simon, MTP; Ho, LC; Chan, YF198998
Multicentric neoplasia of the lower female genital tract - A case report of neoplastic change at an unusual siteNgan, HYS; Collins, R; Cheung, M; Ma, HK1988113
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