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Toll-like receptor 10 is involved in induction of innate immune responses to influenza virus infectionLee, MY; Kok, KH; Jaume, MDA; Cheung, KW; Yip, TF; Lai, JCC; Guan, Y; Webster, RG; Jin, D; Peiris, JSM201427
Fetal Fibronectin Test On Chinese Women With Symptoms Of Preterm Labour: A Pilot StudyCheung, KW; Ngu, SF; Lee, CP201324
An unusual cause of postpartum collapse:undiagnosed myasthenia gravisCheung, KW; Shek, NWM; Chan, KH201341
The Immunomodulatory and Anticancer Properties of PropolisChan, GCF; Cheung, KW; Sze, DMY201387
Pulmonary embolism after primary total knee and total hip arthroplasties: multi-centre study in Hong KongChan, PK; Cheung, KW; Ho, HS; Lee, OB; Leung, HW; Leung, KH; Cheng, HC; Ng, FY; Wong, HL; Yan, CH; Yuen, WH; Chiu, PKY201233
Brazilian green propolis and its constituent, Artepillin C inhibits allogeneic activated human CD4 T cells expansion and activationCheung, KW; Sze, DMY; Chan, WK; Deng, RX; Tu, W; Chan, GCF2011123
Genome-wide association study of hepatocellular carcinoma in Southern Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infectionChan, KYK; Wong, CM; Kwan, JSH; Lee, JMF; Cheung, KW; Yuen, MF; Lai, CL; Poon, RTP; Sham, PC; Ng, IOL2011212
Inhibitory activities and potential mechanisms of vitamins against carcinogenic acrylamide formationZeng, X; Cheung, KW; Jiang, Y; Lin, ZX; Shi, JJ; Chen, SF; Wang, M2010226
Artepillin C could suppress allogeneic human CD4T cells proliferation as brazilian green propolis but with different mechanisms.Cheung, KW; Sze, DMY; Koo, MWL; Chan, GCF2009121
The Immunomodulatory Effects of Propolis from Different Origins on Human Immune CellsCheung, KW; Sze, DMY; Koo, MWL; Chan, GCF200776
Navigated high tibial osteotomy with Vector Vision system.Cheung, KW; Yau, WP; Chiu, KH; Chiu, PKY200788
Automatic generation of artistic chinese calligraphyXu, S; Lau, FCM; Cheung, KW; Pan, Y2004483
Bidirectional deformable matching with application to handwritten character extractionCheung, KW; Yeung, DY; Chin, RT2002162
On deformable models for visual pattern recognitionCheung, KW; Yeung, DY; Chin, RT2002151
Marking Minban Education from Public Education (in Chinese)Cheung, KW; Ip, KY; Cheng, KM2000107
Marking Minban Education from Public EducationCheung, KW; Ip, KY; Cheng, KM1999100
Private Schools in a Socialist Market: progress and controversiesCheng, KM; Cheung, KW; Ip, KY199954
Super-resolving multipath channels using modified MDLCheung, KW; Cheung, SW199883
A bayesian framework for deformable pattern recognition with application to handwritten character recognitionCheung, KW; Yeung, DV; Chin, RT1998274
Analysis of ML and WSF in wireless channelsCheung, KW; Cheung, SW199893
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