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Affordances and constraints of Wiki for Primary-school and Secondary-school Students’ Group ProjectsCheung, K; Leung, CK; Notari, M; Chu, SKW201331
Genome-wide copy number analysis uncovers a new HSCR gene: NRG3Tang, CSM; Cheng, G; So, MT; Yip, BHK; Miao, XP; Wong, EHM; Ngan, ESW; Lui, VCH; Song, YQ; Chan, D; Cheung, K; Yuan, ZW; Lei, L; Chung, PHY; Liu, XL; Wong, KKY; Marshall, CR; Scherer, S; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC; Tam, PKH; GarciaBarceló, MM2012210
Temporal dynamics of structure and phonetic radical modulation in Chinese character pronunciationHsiao, JHW; Zhang, Z; Cheung, K; Lam, L; Hu, Y2012101
Biological study of novel biodegradable polycaprolactone-magnesium hybrid scaffold for orthopaedic applicationsWong, HM; Yeung, K; Chu, P; Luk, K; Cheung, K201151
Word type frequency alone can modulate hemispheric asymmetry in visual word recognition: evidence from modeling Chinese character recognitionHsiao, JHW; Cheung, K201185
Temporal dynamics of the modulation of character structure and phonetic radical in Chinese character processing - an ERP studyHsiao, JHW; Lam, L; Cheung, K201181
Cell quantity and degenerative state dependent effect of allogenic messenchymal stem cells on regeneration of intervertebral discLeung, VY; Hung, SC; Tsui, YK; Lee, MK; Li, LC; Lo, GG; Masuda, K; Wu, EX; Luk, K; Chan, D; Cheung, K2007114
The Development of Primary Four students' information literacy and information technology skills.Chu, SKW; Chow, K; Luk, WY; Cheung, K; Sit, KN2007117
SemBiosphere: A Semantic Web Approach to Recommending Microarray Clustering ServicesYip, K; Qi, P; Schultz, M; Cheung, DWL; Cheung, K200676
An Ontology of Minimal Information for Quality Control of Botanical Drug Product and its Knowledge Base Implemented using the Entity-Attribute-Value Model.Liu, C; Cheung, K; Cheng, YC; Tilton, R; Rong, J; Ng, KM; Lau, ASY; Tam, PKH2006108
Antralization of gastric incisura is topographically associated with increased gastric epithelial apoptosis and proliferation, but not with CagA seropositivityXia, HHX; Wong, BCY; Zhang, GS; Yang, Y; Wyatt, JM; Adams, S; Cheung, K; Lam, SK; Talley, NJ200483
Topographic association of gastric epithelial expression of Ki-67, Bax, and Bcl-2 with antralization in the gastric incisura, body, and fundusXia, HHX; Zhang, GS; Talley, NJ; Wong, BCY; Yang, Y; Henwood, C; Wyatt, JM; Adams, S; Cheung, K; Xia, B; Zhu, YQ; Lam, SK2002121
Tide-induced groundwater level fluctuation in coastal aquifers bounded by L-shaped coastlinesLi, H; Jiao, JJ; Luk, M; Cheung, K2002111
Synthesis, photophysics and electrochemistry of a novel luminescent platinum(II) sulfido complex. Crystal structure of [Pt2(μ-S)(μ-dppm)(dppm)2]2+ (dppm = Ph2PCH2PPh2)Yam, VWW; Yeung, PK; Cheung, K199478
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