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Cervical spine complications after treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinomaCheung, JPY; Wei, WI; Luk, KDK201162
Use of a remotely distractible, magnetically controlled growing rod for the treatment of scoliosis in young childrenCheung, JPY; Mak, KC; Samartzis, D; Wong, YW; Cheung, WY; Luk, KDK; Akbarnia, B; Cheung, KMC201146
Post-irradiation cervical spine complications in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinomaCheung, JPY; Luk, KDK201158
166 cases of Mycobaterium Marinum Tenosynovitis of the Hand and Wrist: Clinical Features. Management and ResultsCheung, JPY; Fung, BKK; Wong, SSY; Ip, WY2011110
A comprehensive computational morphometric analysis of the brain in neuroleptic-naive schizophreniaCheung, JPY; Cheung, V; Cheung, C; Chen, EYH; Tsang, JTK; Wong, JCH; Yip, L; Tai, KS; Suckling, J; Bullmore, E; McAlonan, GM; Chua, SE200696
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