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Meta-analysis of large outcome trials of angiotensin receptor blockers in hypertensionCheung, BMY; Cheung, GTY; Lauder, IJ; Lau, CP; Kumana, CR2006121
Rhythm vs. rate control of atrial fibrillation meta-analysed by number needed to treatKumana, CR; Cheung, BMY; Cheung, GTY; Ovedal, T; Pederson, B; Lauder, IJ2005224
Screening for fever by remote-sensing infrared thermographic cameraChan, LS; Cheung, GTY; Lauder, IJ; Kumana, CR2004131
Screening for Fever by Means of Infrared Thermographic CameraKumana, CR; Cheung, GTY; Lauder, IJ; Chan, LS2004138
Safety and systemic availability of intravenous and oral arsenic trioxide (As2O3) in children with relapsed/refractory neuroblastomaChan, CF; Yuen, WH; Cheung, GTY; Wong, WI; Ng, MW; Kwong, YL; Lau, YL; Man, RYK; Kumana, CR200488
Blood Arsenic Levels in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Patients on Oral Arsenic TrioxidCheung, GTY; Yuen, WH; Kwong, YL; Au, WY; Man, RYK; Wong, WI; Kumana, CR200485
Severe digital ischaemia treated with phosphodiesterase inhibitorsKumana, CR; Cheung, GTY; Lau, CS2004157
Infrared thermography to screen for feverKumana, CR; Cheung, GTY; Lauder, IJ; Chan, LS2004116
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