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On Energy Efficiency of Switched-Capacitor ConvertersCheung, CK; Tan, SC; Tse, CK; Ioinovici, A20135
Activation of interleukin-6-induced glycoprotein 130/signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 pathway in mesenchymal stem cells enhances hepatic differentiation, proliferation, and liver regenerationLam, SP; Luk, JM; Man, K; Ng, KTP; Cheung, CK; Stefan, RJ; Lo, CM2010497
A new visit to an old problem in switched-capacitor convertersCheung, CK; Tan, SC; Lai, YM; Tse, CK2010106
Hepatitis B virus-specific CD4 T cell immunity after liver transplantation for chronic hepatitis BLuo, Y; Lo, CM; Cheung, CK; Lau, GK; Wong, J2009165
Defect study in ZnO related structures-A multi-spectroscopic approachLing, CC; Cheung, CK; Gu, QL; Dai, XM; Xu, SJ; Zhu, CY; Luo, JM; Zhu, CY; Tam, KH; Djurišić, AB; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Lu, LW; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W; Ong, HC2008540
Defect study in zinc oxide related structures – Electrical and optical characterizationGu, Q; Ling, FCC; Cheung, CK; Dai, X; Xu, SJ; Tam, KH; Djurisic, A; Wang, RS; Ong, HC; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W2008223
Au/n-ZnO rectifying contact fabricated with hydrogen peroxide pretreatmentGu, QL; Cheung, CK; Ling, CC; Ng, AMC; Djurišić, AB; Lu, LW; Chen, XD; Fung, S; Beling, CD; Ong, HC2008550
Undoped p-type ZnO nanorods synthesized by a hydrothermal methodHsu, YF; Xi, YY; Tam, KH; Djurišić, AB; Luo, J; Ling, CC; Cheung, CK; Ng, AMC; Chan, WK; Deng, X; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Cheah, KW; Fong, PWK; Surya, CC2008645
Defect in zinc oxide nanostructures synthesized by a hydrothermal methodDjurisic, A; Tam, KH; Cheung, CK; Leung, YH; Ling, FCC; Beling, CD; Fung, SHY; Chan, WK2007293
Identification of hepatitis B virus-specific lymphocytes in human liver grafts from HBV-immune donorsLuo, Y; Lo, CM; Cheung, CK; Lau, GK; Fan, ST; Wong, J200778
Positron beam study of indium tin oxide films on GaNCheung, CK; Wang, RX; Beling, CD; Djurišić, AB; Fung, S2007148
Optical and microstructural characterization of porous silicon using photoluminescence, SEM and positron annihilation spectroscopyCheung, CK; Nahid, F; Cheng, CC; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Ling, CC; Djurisić, AB; Pramanik, C; Saha, H; Sarkar, CK2007148
Au/n-ZnO rectifying contacts fabricated with hydrogen peroxide pre-treatmentGu, Q; Ling, CC; Cheung, CK; Luo, J; Chen, X; Djurisic, A; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W; Reuther, H; Ong, HC2007276
Response to "comment on Influence of indium tin oxide thin-film quality on reverse leakage current of indium tin oxide/ n-GaN Schottky contacts [ Appl. Phys. Lett. 90, 046101 (2007)]"Wang, RX; Xu, SJ; Beling, CD; Cheung, CK2007282
Positron beam studies of transients in semiconductorsBeling, CD; Ling, CC; Cheung, CK; Naik, PS; Zhang, JD; Fung, S2006127
Preliminary studies on a variable energy positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy systemKwan, PY; Cheung, CK; Beling, CD; Fung, S2006115
Performance of a slow positron beam using a hybrid lens designCheung, CK; Naik, PS; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Weng, HM2006151
Deconvolution of 2D coincident Doppler broadening spectroscopy using the Richardson-Lucy algorithmZhang, JD; Zhou, TJ; Cheung, CK; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Ng, MK2006153
Defects in ZnO nanorods prepared by a hydrothermal methodTam, KH; Cheung, CK; Leung, YH; Djurišić, AB; Ling, CC; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Kwok, WM; Chan, WK; Phillips, DL; Ding, L; Ge, WK2006273
Liver intestine-cadherin (CDH17) haplotype is associated with increased risk of hepatocellular carcinomaXiao, QW; Luk, JM; GarciaBarcelo, M; Miao, X; Leung, PP; Ho, DW; Cheung, ST; Lam, BY; Cheung, CK; Wong, AS; Lau, SS; Man, TS; Wan, CY; Cai, Q; Liu, KS; Chee, KH; Lau, GK; Poon, RTP; Wong, J; Fan, ST2006142
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