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The Correspondence between Prof. Paul Demiéville and Prof. Jao Tsung-iCheng, WM; Tang, WH; Yiu, CF; Luo, H2012214
Probabilistic optimal sizing of stand-alone PV systems with modeling of variable solar radiation and load demandNg, SKK; Zhong, J; Cheng, WM2012103
二十世紀三四十年代港澳報章所見任劍輝之粤劇歷程Kung, M; Cheng, WM2009166
從新聲劇團之戲橋看一九四八至一九五零年任劍輝的粤劇歷程Kung, M; Cheng, WM2009244
戰後至五十年代初期香港 <華僑日報> 廣告所見任劍輝之演藝情況Kung, M; Cheng, WM2009194
Sustained elevation of Epstein-Barr virus antibody levels preceding clinical onset of nasopharyngeal carcinomaJi, MF; Wang, DK; Yu, YL; Guo, YQ; Liang, JS; Cheng, WM; Zong, YS; Chan, KH; Ng, SP; Wei, WI; Chua, DTT; Sham, JST; Ng, MH2007135
Assessing the risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma on the basis of EBV antibody spectrumCheng, WM; Chan, KH; Chen, HL; Luo, RX; Ng, SP; Luk, W; Zheng, BJ; Ji, MF; Liang, JS; Sham, JST; Wang, DK; Zong, YS; Ng, MH2002175
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