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Clinical, virologic and immunologic profiles of a young infant with severe acute respiratory syndromeCheng, FWT; Ng, EKO; Li, AM; Hon, EKL; Chiu, RWK; Dennis Lo, YM; Ng, PC200557
Serial analysis of plasma proteomic signatures in pediatric patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome and correlation with viral loadPoon, TCW; Chan, KCA; Ng, PC; Chiu, RWK; Ang, IL; Tong, YK; Ng, EKO; Cheng, FWT; Li, AM; Hon, EKL; Fok, TF; Lo, YMD200470
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS): Chest radiographic features in childrenBabyn, PS; Chu, WCW; Tsou, IYY; Wansaicheong, GKL; Allen, U; Bitnun, A; Chee, TSG; Cheng, FWT; Chiu, MC; Fok, TF; Hon, EKL; Gahunia, HK; Kaw, GJL; Khong, PL; Leung, CW; Li, AM; Manson, D; Metreweli, C; Ng, PC; Read, S; Stringer, DA2004173
Human metapneumovirus detection in patients with severe acute respiratory syndromeChan, PKS; Tam, JS; Lam, CW; Chan, E; Wu, A; Li, CK; Buckley, TA; Ng, KC; Joynt, GM; Cheng, FWT; To, KF; Lee, N; Hui, DSC; Cheung, JLK; Chu, I; Liu, E; Chung, SSC; Sung, JJY2003136
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