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Plasma high sensitivity troponin T levels in adult survivors of childhood leukaemias: determinants and associations with cardiac function
PLoS One
Public Library of Science. The Journal's web site is located at
Cheung, YF; Yu, W; Cheuk, KLD; Cheng, FW; Yang, JY; Yau, JP; Ho, KK; Li, CK; Li, RC; Yuen, HL; Ling, AS; Li, VW; Wong, WK; Tsang, KC; Chan, GCF201378
Prognosis and outcome of relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia : A Hong Kong Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Study Group Report
Pediatr Blood Cancer
Chiang, AKS; Leung, AW; Vincent, L; Lee, AC; Cheng, FW; Cheuk, DKL; Luk, CW; Ling, SC; Li, CK2012127
Infants born to mothers with severe acute respiratory syndrome.
American Academy of Pediatrics. The Journal's web site is located at
Shek, CC; Ng, PC; Fung, GP; Cheng, FW; Chan, PK; Peiris, MJ; Lee, KH; Wong, SF; Cheung, HM; Li, AM; Hon, EK; Yeung, CK; Chow, CB; Tam, JS; Chiu, MC; Fok, TF2003211
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