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Genomics approach to identify drug transporter ABCF1 associated with liver cancer recurrence and chemo-resistanceCheung, ST; Cheung, PFY; Cheng, CKC; Fan, ST201261
Genomics approach to identify growth factor and drug transporter associated with liver cancer recurrence and chemo-resistance (Abstract)Cheung, ST; Cheung, PFY; Cheng, CKC; Fan, ST201255
Identification and characterization of tropomyosin 3 associated with granulin-epithelin precursor in human hepatocellular carcinomaLam, CY; Yip, CW; Poon, TCW; Cheng, CKC; Ng, EWY; Wong, NCL; Cheung, PFY; Lai, PBS; Ng, IOL; Fan, ST; Cheung, ST2012131
Characterization of GEP-expressing cells in human primary hepatocellular carcinomaCheung, PFY; Yip, CW; Wong, CL; Cheng, CKC; Wong, YL; Cheung, ST201150
Wind-induced natural ventilation of re-entrant bays in a high-rise buildingCheng, CKC; Lam, KM; Leung, YTA; Yang, K; Li Danny, HW; Cheung Sherman, CP2011222
Granulin-epithelin precursor and ATP-dependent binding cassette (ABC)B5 regulate liver cancer cell chemoresistanceCheung, ST; Cheung, PFY; Cheng, CKC; Wong, NCL; Fan, ST2011218
Granulin-epithelin precursor is an oncofetal protein defining hepatic cancer stem cellsCheung, PFY; Cheng, CKC; Wong, NCL; Ho, JCY; Yip, CW; Lui, VCH; Cheung, ANY; Fan, ST; Cheung, ST2011158
Interacting protein of granulin-epithelin precursor in liver cancerLam, CY; Poon, TCW; Cheng, CKC; Cheung, ST2010100
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