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Effect of Process-Oriented Roles in Small Group Online LearningCheng, B; Wang, M201323
Assigning Process-Oriented Roles in Concept Mapping Mediated Online Group LearningCheng, B; Wang, M201320
The effects of organizational learning environment factors on e-learning acceptanceCheng, B; Wang, M; Moormann, J; Olaniran, BA; Chen, NS2012179
Lipopolysaccharide and hypoxia-induced HIF-1 activation in human gingival fibroblastsLi, JP; Li, FYL; Xu, A; Cheng, B; Tsao, SW; Fung, ML; Leung, WK2012124
Numerical studies of deep concrete coupling beams retrofitted with a laterally restrained steel plateCheng, B; Su, RKL2011151
Retrofit of deep concrete coupling beams by a laterally restrained side plateCheng, B; Su, RKL201193
Knowledge visualization for self-regulated learningWang, M; Peng, J; Cheng, B; Zhou, H; Liu, J2011139
Use of bolted steel plates for strengthening of reinforced concrete beams and columnsSu, RKL; Cheng, B; Wang, L; Siu, WH; Zhu, Y2011477
Acceptance of competency-based workplace e-learning systems: Effects of individual and peer learning supportCheng, B; Wang, M; Yang, SJH; Kinshuk; Peng, J2011315
Co-occurrence analysis of domain knowledge in E-learning enabled workforce developmentCheng, B; Wang, M2011212
Plate-strengthened deep reinforced concrete coupling beamsSu, RKL; Cheng, B2011124
Enhancing online learning through knowledge visualizationWang, M; Peng, J; Liu, J; Cheng, B; Zhou, H201085
Mining and visualizing domain knowledge in e-learning enabled workforce development using co-occurrence analysisCheng, B; Wang, M2010204
Investigation of performance-oriented workplace E-Learning for human capital developmentCheng, B; Wang, M2010118
Numerical studies of retrofitted deep coupling beams by bolting restrained steel plateCheng, B; Su, RKL2010289
An experimental study of strengthening of deep concrete coupling beams with bolted steel plateCheng, B; Su, KL2009109
The effect of coarse aggregate size on the stress-strain curves of concrete under uniaxial compressionSu, RKL; Cheng, B2008143
Asset pricing: a structural theory and its applicationsCheng, B; Tong, H200814
Design guidelines for plate-reinforced composite coupling beamsSu, KL; Cheng, B2008116
A review on retrofitting of reinforced concrete coupling beams by bolted steel platesSu, KL; Cheng, B200786
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