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Genetic variation of glycoproteins B and H of human herpesvirus 7 in Hong KongChan, PKS; Li, CK; Chik, KW; Shing, MMK; Lee, V; Ng, KC; Lam, CW; Cheung, JLK; Cheng, AF2003167
Human papillomavirus type 16 intratypic variant infection and risk for cervical neoplasia in Southern ChinaChan, PKS; Ching, WL; Tak, HC; Li, WWH; Lo, KWK; Chan, MYM; Cheung, JLK; Li, YX; Cheng, AF200280
Association of human papilomavirus type 58 variant with the risk of cervival cancerChan, PKS; Lam, CW; Cheung, TH; Li, WWH; Lo, KWK; Chan, MYM; Cheung, JLK; Cheng, AF2002102
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