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Floral ontogeny of Schisandra chinensis (Schisandraceae): Implications for androecial evolution within Schisandra and KadsuraDong, XY; Liu, Z; Saunders, RMK; Chen, ZD201299
Non-exponential relaxation and the distribution of the second-order transverse anisotropic parameters in Mn12Chen, ZD; Shen, SQ2005130
Heterometallic MIIRuIII2 compounds constructed from trans-[Ru(Salen)(CN)2]- and trans-[Ru(Acac)2(CN)2]-. Synthesis, structures, magnetic properties, and density functional theoretical studyYeung, WF; Lau, PH; Lau, TC; Wei, HY; Sun, HL; Gao, S; Chen, ZD; Wong, WT2005148
[Ru(salen)(CN)2]- and [Ru(acac)2(CN)2]- as building blocks : Syntheses, structures and magnetic properties of heterobimetallic MRu2 compounds.Lau, PH; Yeung, WF; Man, WL; Lau, TC; Wei, HY; Sun, HL; Gao, S; Chen, ZD; Wong, WT2005246
Dynamics and Berry phase of two-species Bose-Einstein condensatesChen, ZD; Liang, JQ; Shen, SQ; Xie, WF2004287
Improved prediction of the ventilation flow rate through solar chimneysChen, ZD; Delsante, A; Topp, P; Heiselberg, P; Li, Y; Fariborz, PH2003124
An experimental investigation of a solar chimney model with uniform wall heat fluxChen, ZD; Bandopadhayay, P; Halldorsson, J; Byrjalsen, C; Heiselberg, P; Li, Y2003195
Quantum tunneling of two coupled single-molecular magnetsHu, JM; Chen, ZD; Shen, SQ2003224
Nonexponential relaxation and quantum tunnel splitting in the molecular magnet Fe8Chen, ZD; Shen, SQ2003216
Structure, magnetism and spin coupling mechanism of cyano-bridged Ln III-Fe III binuclear metal complexesSun, XR; Chen, ZD; Yan, F; Gao, S; Cheung, KK; Che, CM; Zhang, XX2002131
Flow bifurcations of buoyancy driven natural ventilation in a single-zone buildingChen, ZD; Li, Y200294
Buoyancy-driven displacement natural ventilation in a single-zone building with three-level openingsChen, ZD; Li, Y2002116
Suppression of quantum phase interference in the molecular magnet Fe8 with dipolar-dipolar interactionChen, ZD; Liang, JQ; Shen, SQ2002193
Air flow and its modelling in solar chimneysChen, ZD; Li, Y200196
An analytical model for natural ventilation assisted or opposed by winds in a thermally stratified buildingLi, Y; Chen, ZD; Delsante, A200194
Natural ventilation in an enclosure induced by a heat source distributed uniformly over a vertical wallChen, ZD; Li, Y; Mahoney, J2001132
Experimental modelling of buoyancy-driven flows in buildings using a fine-bubble techniqueChen, ZD; Li, Y; Mahoney, J2001151
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