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Editorial: Green technologies for wireless communications and mobile computingChen, TS; Chen, YS; Chang, CY; Wang, CL2011113
Aldose reductase deficiency improves wallerian degeneration and nerve regeneration in diabetic thy1-YFP miceChen, YS; Chung, SS; Chung, SK2010188
Numerical analysis of the dynamic crushing of ribbed sheetsLiu, CH; Chen, JT; Chen, YS200948
Review and comparison of shearography and active thermography for nondestructive evaluationHung, YY; Chen, YS; Ng, SP; Liu, L; Huang, YH; Luk, BL; Ip, RWL; Wu, CML200929
The coupled thermo-mechanical analysis in the upsetting process by the dynamic FEMLiu, CH; Wang, AC; Chen, YS; Wang, CM2008110
Hoxb3 vagal neural crest-specific enhancer element for controlling enteric nervous system developmentChan, KK; Chen, YS; Yau, TO; Fu, M; Lui, VCH; Tam, PKH; Sham, MH2005182
Regulation of mouse Hoxb3 gene expression in the anterior neural tube and vagal neural crestSham, MH; Tsang, WH; Chen, YS; Yau, TO200257
A vagal neural crest specific enhancer for establishing transgenic mouse modelsTsang, WH; Chen, YS; Sham, MH200170
Split liver transplantation in AsiaDe Villa, VH; Chen, CL; Chen, YS; Wang, CC; Tan, KC; Sun, KS; Lee, SG; Tanaka, K; Fan, ST200187
Characterization of an enhancer element for establishing transgenic mouse models for enteric nervous system developmentChen, YS; Yau, TO; Tam, PKH; Sham, MH200069
International sharing of split liver grafts in Asia: Initial exprienceDe Villa, VH; Chen, CL; Chen, YS; Wang, CC; Wang, SH; Chiang, YC; Cheng, YF; Jawan, B; Cheung, HK; Fan, ST; Lo, CM200084
Studies on biological activity of Jie Jiu Bao Gan ChaRen, GX; Chen, YS; Zhao, JH; Liau, HZ; Yang, YJ; Wang, YP; Chen, SF1995102
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