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Binding of oxo-Cu2 clusters to ferric ion-binding protein A from Neisseria gonorrhoeae: a structural insightChen, WJ; Ye, DR; Wang, HF; Lin, DC; Huang, J; Sun, H; Zhong, WQ201351
Are customer satisfaction and customer loyalty drivers of customer lifetime value in mobile data services: A comparative cross-country studyQi, JY; Zhou, YP; Chen, WJ; Qu, QX2012217
A refined nonconforming quadrilateral element for couple stress/strain gradient elasticityZhao, J; Chen, WJ; Lo, SH2011187
Buckling and post-buckling of a pumpkin balloonXu, Y; Chen, MZ; Chen, WJ2010130
Promoter hypermethylation and histone hypoacetylation contribute to pancreatic-duodenal homeobox 1 silencing in gastric cancerMa, J; Wang, JD; Zhang, WJ; Zou, B; Chen, WJ; Lam, CSC; Chen, MH; Pang, R; Tan, VPY; Hung, IF; Lan, HY; Wang, QY; Wong, BCY2010314
Enhancement of spontaneous emission rate and reduction in amplified spontaneous emission threshold in electrodeposited three-dimensional ZnO photonic crystalZhong, Y; Yue, Z; Wong, GKL; Xi, YY; Hsu, YF; Djurišić, AB; Dong, JW; Chen, WJ; Wong, KS2010606
Identification of CD44+ Cancer Cells in Gastric Cancer by Chemotherapeutic EnrichmentChen, WJ; Chow, AK; Ng, L; Poon, RTP; Wong, BCY; Pang, RWC2010377
Impaired flush response to niacin skin patch among schizophrenia patients and their nonpsychotic relatives: The effect of genetic loadingChang, SS; Liu, CM; Lin, SH; Hwu, HG; Hwang, TJ; Liu, SK; Hsieh, MH; Guo, SC; Chen, WJ2009147
Identification of CD44+ cancer cells in gastric cancer by chemotherapeutic enrichmentChen, WJ; Ng, L; Chow, AK; Chu, ACY; Wong, BCY; Pang, RWC2009151
Non-smooth nonlinear equations methods for solving 3D elastoplastic frictional contact problemsHu, ZQ; Soh, AK; Chen, WJ; Li, XW; Lin, G2007156
Absent response to niacin skin patch is specific to schizophrenia and independent of smokingLiu, CM; Chang, SS; Liao, SC; Hwang, TJ; Shieh, MH; Liu, SK; Chen, WJ; Hwu, HG2007144
Familial aggregation in skin flush response to niacin patch among schizophrenic patients and their nonpsychotic relativesLin, SH; Liu, CM; Chang, SS; Hwu, HG; Liu, SK; Hwang, TJ; Hsieh, MH; Guo, SC; Chen, WJ2007113
A clinical prediction rule for the severe acute respiratory syndrome [1] (multiple letters)Ma, MHM; Chen, SY; Chiang, WC; Su, CP; Chen, WJ; Rainer, TH; Wong, IOL; Leung, GM200566
Refined discrete quadrilateral degenerated shell element by using Timoshenko's beam functionChen, WJ; Cheung, YK2005102
Refined discrete mindlin plate and degenerated shell elementsChen, WJ; Cheung, YK2002107
Sr-Nd-Pb isotope mapping of Late Mesozoic volcanic rocks across northern margin of North China Craton and implications to geodynamic processesZhou, X; Zhang, GH; Yang, JH; Chen, WJ; Sun, M2001234
Structures and fluorescence of nanocrystallines MSO4:xSm3+ (M = Ca, Sr, Ba; x = 0.001 - 0.005) with γ-ray irradiationGong, X; Liu, L; Chan, WK; Chen, WJ200064
Refined nonconforming plane quadrilateral elementCheung, YK; Zhang, YX; Chen, WJ2000118
Two refined non-conforming quadrilateral flat shell elementsZhang, YX; Cheung, YK; Chen, WJ2000144
A refined non-conforming plane quadrilateral elementCheung, YK; Zhang, Y; Chen, WJ2000100
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