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Influenza associated mortality in the subtropics and tropics: Results from three Asian citiesYang, L; Ma, S; Chen, PY; He, JF; Chan, KP; Chow, A; Ou, CQ; Deng, AP; Hedley, AJ; Wong, CM; Peiris, JSM2011142
Cold and winter mortality from cardiovascular diseases in Guangzhou, ChinaOu, CQ; Song, YF; Chau, YK; Yang, L; Wong, CM; Chen, PY2011142
Influenza surveillance and excess associated mortality in Guangzhou, ChinaOu, CQ; He, JF; Deng, AP; Yang, L; Chan, KP; Chen, PY; Wong, CM2011124
Effect modification of environmental factors on influenza-associated mortality: a time-series study in two Chinese citiesYang, L; Chen, PY; He, JF; Chan, KP; Ou, CQ; Deng, AP; Malik Peiris, JS; Wong, CM2011135
Criminal behavior among persons with schizophrenia in rural ChinaRan, MS; Chen, PY; Liao, ZG; Chan, CLW; Chen, EYH; Tang, CP; Mao, WJ; Lamberti, JS; Conwell, Y2010176
Disease burden of influenza in three tropic and sub-tropic cities in AsiaWong, CM; Yang, L; Chan, KP; Ma, SSL; He, JF; Chen, PY; Chan, KH; Peiris, JSM201076
The reliability and validity of the inpatient satisfaction questionnaire as an instrument for measuring inpatient satisfactionChen, PY; Wong, CM; Hedley, AJ; Hu, J; Zhang, C; Ou, CQ2000150
綜合醫院住院病人滿意度量表研制初報Chen, PY; Wong, CM; Ou, YP; Hu, J; Zhang, C; Liang, LP; Cai, ZY1999127
Investigation and assessment of satisfaction level of health service clients (in Chinese)Chen, PY; Wong, CM199952
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