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Assessing depression in patients with chronic pain: A comparison of three rating scalesWong, WS; Chen, PP; Yap, J; Mak, KH; Tam, BKH; Fielding, R2011211
Validation study of the Chinese Identification Pain Questionnaire for neuropathic painChan, A; Wong, S; Chen, PP; Tsoi, TH; Lam, J; Ip, WY; Wong, CP; Wong, L; Mok, V201185
Chronic Pain and Psychiatric Morbidity: A Comparison between Patients Attending Specialist Orthopedics Clinic and Multidisciplinary Pain ClinicWong, WS; Chen, PP; Yap, J; Mak, KH; Tam, BKH; Fielding, R2011176
Pain medicine: a multidisciplinary approachTsui, SL; Chen, PP; Ng, JKF2010132
Paracentesis for angle closure glaucoma [3] (multiple letters)Chen, PP; Lam, DSC; Chua, JKH; Tham, CCY; Lai, JSM200340
The application of clinical simulation in crisis management training.Wong, SH; Ng, KF; Chen, PP2002356
Needling revision of glaucoma drainage device filtering blebs [3] (multiple letters)Lam, DSC; Lai, JSM; Chua, JKH; Fan, DSP; Chen, PP; Palmberg, PF199851
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