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Effects of the natural flavone trimethylapigenin on cardiac potassium currentsLiu, Y; Xu, XH; Liu, Z; Du, XL; Chen, KH; Xin, X; Jin, ZD; Shen, JZ; Hu, Y; Li, GR; Jin, MW2012114
Evidence for functional expression of TRPM7 channels in human atrial myocytesZhang, Y; Sun, H; Chen, KH; Du, XL; Liu, B; Cheng, LC; Li, X; Jin, MW; Li, GR2012103
Allitridi Inhibits Multiple Cardiac Potassium Channels Expressed in HEK 293 CellsXu, XH; Sun, H; Zhang, Y; Wu, W; Chen, KH; Liu, Y; Deng, CY; Yu, XY; Jin, MW; Li, GR201269
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