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Holocene temperature fluctuations in the northern Tibetan PlateauZhao, C; Liu, Z; Rohling, EJ; Yu, Z; Liu, W; He, Y; Zhao, Y; Chen, F201342
A Study on the mutual causation of suicide reporting and suicide incidencesYip, PSF; Kwok, SS; Chen, F; Xu, X; Chen, YY201326
The impact of media reporting on the emergence of charcoal burning suicide in TaiwanChen, YY; Chen, F; Gunnell, D; Yip, PSF201328
DNA-loaded chitosan oligosaccharide nanoparticles with enhanced permeability across Calu-3 cellsYE, Y; Xu, Y; Liang, W; Leung, GPH; Cheung, KH; Zheng, C; Chen, F; Lam, JKW201356
Fluid coupling in DEM simulation using Darcy's law: Formulation, and verificationGOODARZI, M; Kwok, CY; Tham, LG; Chen, F201326
El Niño Modulations Over The Past Seven Centuries (Letter to the editor)Li, J; Xie, S-P; Cook, ER; Morales, MS; Christie, D; Johnson, N; Chen, F; D'Arrigo, R; Fowler, A; Gou, X; Fang, K201356
Precipitation variability during the past 400 years in the Xiaolong Mountain (central China) inferred from tree ringsFang, K; Gou, X; Chen, F; Frank, D; Liu, C; Li, J; Kazmer, M201282
Tree-ring based reconstruction of drought variability (1615-2009) in the Kongtong Mountain area, northern ChinaFang, K; Gou, X; Chen, F; Liu, C; Davi, N; Li, J; Zhao, Z; Li, Y201281
Cynarin-rich sunflower (Helianthus annuus) sprouts possess both antiglycative and antioxidant activitiesSun, Z; Chen, J; Ma, J; Jiang, Y; Wang, M; Ren, G; Chen, F2012135
In vitro attenuation of acrolein-induced toxicity by phloretin, a phenolic compound from appleZhu, Q; Zhang, NQS; Lau, CF; Chao, J; Sun, Z; Chang, RCC; Chen, F; Wang, M2012151
CorrigendumFang, K; Gou, X; Chen, F; Cook, E; Li, J; Buckley, B; D'arrigo, R201285
Perturbation measures of glottal area waveform in fatigued voices in high-speed imagingWang, G; Lo, ACY; Chan, KMK; Chen, F; Yiu, EML201262
Vibratory and perceptual measurement of resonant voiceChen, F; Ma, EPM; Yiu, EML201272
Spatiotemporal variability of tree growth and its association with climate over Northwest ChinaFang, K; Gou, X; Chen, F; Cook, E; Li, J; Li, Y201269
Optimizing social welfare for network bargaining games in the face of unstability, greed and spiteChan, HTH; Chen, F; Ning, L201217
Effects of urban vegetation on urban air qualityLeung, DYC; Tsui, JKY; Chen, F; WingKin, Y; Vrijmoed, LLP; ChunHo, L2011625
On the local polynomial estimators of the counting process intensity function and its derivativesChen, F; Yip, PSF; Lam, KF201174
Acrolein scavengers: Reactivity, mechanism and impact on healthZhu, Q; Sun, Z; Jiang, Y; Chen, F; Wang, M2011184
Large-scale precipitation variability over northwest China inferred from tree ringsFang, K; Gou, X; Chen, F; Cook, E; Li, J; Buckley, B; D'arrigo, R201164
Covariability between tree-ring-based precipitation reconstructions in Northwest China and the sea-surface temperature of the Indian and Pacific OceansFang, K; Gou, X; Chen, F; Li, J; Zhou, F; Li, Y201183
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