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New representations for the euler-mascheroni constant and inequalities for the generalized-euler-constant functionChen, CP; Cheung, WS2012178
Wilker- and Huygens-type inequalities and solution to Oppenheim's problemChen, CP; Cheung, WS2012150
Sharpness of Wilker and Huygens type inequalitiesChen, CP; Cheung, WS2012139
On Shafer and Carlson inequalitiesCheung, WS; Chen, CP; Wang, W2011435
Sharp Cusa and Becker-Stark inequalitiesChen, CP; Cheung, WS2011167
Note on weighted Carleman-type inequalityChen, CP; Cheung, WS; Qi, F2005176
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