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Effect of engineered anisotropy on the susceptibility of human pluripotent stem cell-derived ventricular cardiomyocytes to arrhythmiasWang, J; Chen, A; Lieu, DK; Karakikes, I; Chen, G; Keung, W; Chan, CWY; Hajjar, RJ; Costa, KD; Khine, M; Li, RA201353
Periodontal status, diabetes mellitus and oral health-related quality of lifeChen, A; Ng, ST; Siu, SC; Leung, WK; Corbet, EF201356
Development of a Bidirectional Pedestrian Stream Model with an Oblique Intersecting AngleXIE, S; Wong, SC; Lam, WHK; Chen, A201330
Sensitivity-based Uncertainty Analysis of a Combined Travel Demand ModelYang, C; Chen, A; Xu, X; Wong, SC201333
Sensitivity-based uncertainty analysis of a combined travel demand modelYang, C; Chen, A; Xu, X; Wong, SC201322
Chronic vascular complications in diabetesJia, W; Xu, A; Chen, A; Wu, J; Ye, J201332
Quality measures of origin-destination trip table estimated from traffic counts: review and new generalized demand scale measureChen, A; Chootinan, P; Ryu, S; Wong, SC201298
Periodontitis in diabetes mellitus: Same disease presentation as non-diabetic Individuals?Ng, ST; Chen, A; Siu, SC; Corbet, EF; Leung, WK201230
Engineering micro-alignments of 2- and 3-D hESC-derived ventricular tissues to reproduce anisotropic properties of the native heart: An accurate arrhythmias model for cardiotoxicity screening.Wang, J; Lieu, DK; Karakikes, I; Chen, A; Turnbull, I; Kong, MCW; Hajjar, R; Costa, K; Khine, M; Li, RA201158
A reliability-based land use and transportation optimization modelYim, KKW; Wong, SC; Chen, A; Wong, CK; Lam, WHK2011153
Transport network design problem under uncertainty: a review and new developmentsChen, A; Zhou, Z; Chootinan, P; Ryu, S; Yang, C; Wong, SC2011146
Shrink-film configurable multiscale wrinkles for functional alignment of human embryonic stem cells and their cardiac derivativesChen, A; Lieu, DK; Freschauf, L; Lew, V; Sharma, H; Wang, J; Nguyen, D; Karakikes, I; Hajjar, RJ; Gopinathan, A; Botvinick, E; Fowlkes, CC; Li, RA; Khine, M2011101
Novel reassortment of Eurasian avian-like and pandemic/2009 influenza viruses in swine: Infectious potential for humansZhu, H; Zhou, B; Fan, X; Lam, TTY; Wang, J; Chen, A; Chen, X; Chen, H; Webster, RG; Webby, R; Peiris, JSM; Smith, DK; Guan, Y2011158
Alpha reliable network design with multiple objectives and demand uncertaintyChen, A; Ryu, S; Yang, C; Wong, SC2010128
The strong law of large numbers for extended negatively dependent random variablesChen, Y; Chen, A; Ng, KW2010249
Decay properties and quasi-stationary distributions for stopped Markovian bulk-arrival and bulk-service queuesChen, A; Li, J; Hou, Z; Ng, KW2010154
Study on myeloid dendritic cells in patients of systemic lupus erythematosusJin, O; Kavikondala, S; Mok, MY; Sun, LY; Gu, JR; Chen, A; Yeung, J; Nie, Y; Lau, CS2010184
The secretogranin II-derived peptide secretoneurin stimulates luteinizing hormone secretion from gonadotrophsZhao, E; Basak, A; Wong, AOL; Ko, W; Chen, A; Lopez, GC; Grey, CL; Canosa, LF; Somoza, GM; Chang, JP; Trudeau, VL2009128
Alternative formulations of a combined trip generation, trip distribution, modal split, and trip assignment modelZhou, Z; Chen, A; Wong, SC2009221
A reliability-based land use and transportation optimization modelYim, KW; Wong, SC; Chen, A; Wong, CK2009110
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