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Botanical Journal of the Linnean SocietyChatrou, LW; Richardson, JE; Erkens, RHJ; Saunders, RMK; Fay, MF201262
A plastid DNA phylogeny of Dasymaschalon (Annonaceae) and allied genera: Evidence for generic non-monophyly and the parallel evolutionary loss of inner petalsWang, J; Thomas, DC; Su, YCF; Meinke, S; Chatrou, LW; Saunders, RMK2012121
The natural history of AnnonaceaeChatrou, LW; Erkens, RHJ; Richardson, JE; Saunders, RMK; Fay, MF201241
A new subfamilial and tribal classification of the pantropical flowering plant family Annonaceae informed by molecular phylogeneticsChatrou, LW; Pirie, MD; Erkens, RHJ; Couvreur, TLP; Neubig, KM; Abbott, JR; Mols, JB; Maas, JW; Saunders, RMK; Chase, MW2012103
Early evolutionary history of the flowering plant family Annonaceae: Steady diversification and boreotropical geodispersalCouvreur, TLP; Pirie, MD; Chatrou, LW; Saunders, RMK; Su, YCF; Richardson, JE; Erkens, RHJ2011112
Natural History of the AnnonaceaeChatrou, LW; Richardson, JE; Erkens, RHJ; Saunders, RMK2009100
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