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A Randomized Trial of Telbivudine (LdT) vs Adefovir for HBeAg-positive Chronic Hepatitis B: Final Week 52 resultsBzowej, N; Chan, HLY; Lai, CL; Cho, M; Moon, YM; Chao, YC; Heathcote, EJ; Myers, R; Minuk, G; Marcellin, P; Jeffers, L; Sievert, W; Kaiser, R; Harb, G; Chao, GC; Brown, NA2006164
Telbivudine Globe Trial: Maximal Early HBV Suppression is Predictive of Optimal Two-year Efficacy in Nucleoside-treated Hepatitis B PatientsDiBisceglie A, A; Lai, CL; Gane, E; Chen, YC; Thongsawat, S; Wang, YM; Chen, YG; Heathcote, EJ; Zeuzem, S; Rasenack, J; Bzowej, N; Han, SH; Naoumov, N; Hwang, SG; Lim, SG; Chao, GC; Fielman, BA; Brown, NA; Study Group The GLOBE,2006181
Two-year Results from the Globe Trial in Patients with Hepatitis B: Greater Clinical and Antiviral Efficacy for Telbivudine (LdT) vs LamivudineLai, CL; Gane, E; Hsu, CW; Thongsawat, S; Wang, YM; Chen, YG; Heathcote, EJ; Rasenack, J; Bzowej, N; Naoumov, N; Zeuzem, S; Di Bisceglie, A; Chao, GC; Barbara, A; Constance, F; Brown, NA; Study Group The GLOBE.,2006258
Pharmacokinetics of telbivudine following oral administration of escalating single and multiple doses in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection: Pharmacodynamic implicationsZhou, XJ; Lim, SG; Lloyd, DM; Chao, GC; Brown, NA; Lai, CL2006249
A dose-finding study of once-daily oral telbivudine in HBeAg-positive patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infectionLai, CL; Lim, SG; Brown, NA; Zhou, XJ; Lloyd, DM; Lee, YM; Yuen, MF; Chao, GC; Myers, MW2004120
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